Collapsing European security order. Glenn Diesen interviews Richard Sakwa & Alexander Mercouris

Collapsing European security order. Glenn Diesen interviews Richard Sakwa & Alexander Mercouris



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  1. "Collapsing European security order" … lol. Finland and Sweden are joining NATO in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, so NATO just got even stronger. As usual, this channel tells the exact opposite of the truth, but then they're just following the party-line, as instructed by Moscow.

  2. I'll tell what is collapsing (apart from its army): Russia' economy. The Russian government has so far spent 25% of its total annual budget on the war in Ukraine, as estimated by Forbes magazine. Projecting this forward to end of next February (the 1st anniversary of its most recent invasion) means that after 1 year of war, the Russian government will have spent around one-third its total annual budget. Clearly this is not sustainable … all the more so given shrinking revenues from taxes (figures released by the Russian Finance Ministry last week show a key economic indicator — tax revenue from the non-oil and gas sector — fell 20% in the year in October compared to a year earlier).

  3. Figures released by the Russian Finance Ministry last week show a key economic indicator — tax revenue from the non-oil and gas sector — fell 20% in the year in October compared to a year earlier, while the Russian state statistics agency Rosstat reported that retail sales fell 10% year on year in September, and cargo turnover fell 7%. And gas production is down 20% in October compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, oil sales to Europe are plummeting ahead of the European Union embargo that starts on Dec. 5.

  4. That scene with Zelensky was so set up, you said it yourselves the nationalists control him not the other way. That was all for show just another scene Zelensky played the role of leader..
    Why would you turn up to a meeting with soldiers that were disobeying you with a film crew.. you wouldn’t you give them a command and if they didn’t follow it you take them out if you have control of the rest of your army.. the only thing Zelensky controls is the amount of cocaine that goes up his nose….😂

  5. How do you guys feel European values are "good?" Killing 250,000 souls isn't "good" in my book?
    Them against us isn't good. Trying to bankrupt a nation for no reason isn't "good." Imposing your "values" on others isn't good. Hard nosed imposition of one's values on others is dictatorship, not "good."

  6. The problem is not the values as such, but a developmentally stunted political class. The 'hermetic" attitude corresponds only too well with what psychologist Robert Kegan (The Evolving Self – Problem and Process of Human Development) calls the "institutional phase" beyond which most people probably do not pass. True adult maturity presupposes attainment of an "interindividual" attitude recognizing a diversity of ways that someone might act and still be in accordance with a coherent value system (though not necessarily one’s own value system). And truly convincing others of the value of "our values" is of course simply not possible without having reached that level of maturity. The "schooling"of future politicians within the "youth parties" is diametrically opposed to it. The present NATO general secretary is a horrific example, indoctrinated into the Norwegian Labour party in a party family environment. In late 2015, after about a year in that position as gen.sec. of NATO he even proclaimed that he was "certain that we will win because of our values". Almost exactly the same statement as a year after the Utøya massacre: "Our values won". The truth, of course, that they did no such thing. 77 people where killed that day, many others scarred for life and the central goverment building destroyed, and with an aftermath of political hysteria transforming Norway for the definitely worse – because of severely lacking security at the Norwegian goverment building in Oslo and poor police performance, youth party leadership fleeing Utøya in an armed vessel etc, with no sense of honor or any other values beyond saving their own lives and asses. Even the newspaper most supportive of Stoltenberg in Norway published an op.ed. in 2016 saying that he ought to have resigned after the 22 July 2011 catastrophe.

  7. What role did the WEF have in the war in the Ukraine? Seems to me that the Global Elite’s NWO Global Government is being pushed very hard in the Western nations, but Russia has never been willing to go along with the NWO. Did Putin believe that if Russia didn’t get control of the Ukraine, the Global Elites would.

    All I’m seeing right now, is the Western national leaders bending on knee to the WEF and the Global Elites behind it. I think the Western leaders, including Biden, are destroying their own nations, in preparation for Globalist takeover. If that’s how it looks to me, I wonder if Putin sees the same thing. I think that would explain why Putin is working to develop alliances with China and India. An alliance that could stand up against a NWO Government – a Government that seems much closer to becoming a reality than it did even 2 years ago.

  8. … I can't understand why the panel (an excellent panel and an excellent discussion by the way) why the panel "can't understand" why diplomacy doesn't play a role in this conflict (Ukraine) … well, here I say it, and never let this out of your sight: peace and diplomacy is not an objective in this conflict at all, the main objective is to cripple Russia, balkanize it and steal its natural resources … nothing in this conflict can be resolved by diplomatic means, as the Minsk accords exemplified (Angela Merkels swift intervention, in 2015, to establish Minsk II, was only to prevent the Ukrainian army from being obliterated in Donbass, by the Donetsk and Luhansk militia's, which were supported by large swats of, defected, Ukrainian soldier's, and not to establish a workable peace framework) as Petro Poroshenko (president of Ukraine 2014 – 2019) and later US Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Todd Hopkins, frankly stated, in an interview May 4, 2022: "the biggest mistake that the Russians made was giving us eight years to prepare for this" … lesson learned (for Russia): "never ever trust the laying laiers" again …

  9. American liberals guarded against the collective guilt of people groups by refusing to associate Islamic terrorism with Islam, by denying that the COVID virus came from China, but have no problem labeling everything Russian around the world because of the Ukraine conflict. Europeans have far more in common with Russians than with America. Because of this I anticipate Europe exchanging the negative, divisive, warmongering influences of America for a European peace and Russia is very much a part of European culture and civilization.

  10. Thank you for an excellent discussion. These types of programs are impossible without alternative media like The Duran. This spurs me on to dig deeper into these geopolitical analyses. My education is Agronomy from Cornell University, many years ago and that is what I do professionally, but I feel compelled, being American, to be knowledgeable about these issues. I talk to coworkers about these things, often with deaf ears, but at least I can talk with some level of knowledge.

  11. Swedes came from the same place as Russians… they lived together as one… even a swede royal was invited to be king of the Russians (then the two people were already separated physically)… the message toke to much time and the answer also, and then it came too late… imagine the world if the yes answer had come back in time…


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