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Coming Soon: FOI Released Australia Documents Reveal Harm to Public

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FOI documents show that bad lots, or batches, were known about but were withheld from the public until some intrepid lawyers and scientists pried them from the TGA. I’ll say what I can here on this heavily censorious platform, the rest will have to be found over at Peak Prosperity Dot Com.
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Written by Peak Prosperity

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  1. Consider what was stated, 'a second voice'. This can be anyone and this was staged in a movie that says it all- make the connection not because it is a movie: The words and the statement has so much as what the voice is all about: "In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society, which I assure you will last for 10,000 years. An Empire that will be continue to be ruled by this august body and a sovereign ruler chosen for life. An Empire ruled by the majority, ruled by a new 'Constitution'. Nobody has any real evidence of who the second voice is? and this is the danger- a foreign power can claim to be the second voice and I believe it is – read this closely, ' ruled by a new 'Constitution'.

    This new ruler can take-over the Australian parliament under the cover of a new party, an independent who will raise up a new party or a new leader that will give the citizens what they want and so be the citizens will have no choice but bow down to their new ruler/the second voice written in the Constitution.

    To all citizens of Australia and new visitors to our Nation and island, say 'NO' to the referendum before it gets started. Petition the governor general and attorney generals, that 'you do not consent' to have the government spend millions of dollars for a referendum and you will be saying 'NO' to having our 'Constitution' being altered. Let everyone know so that your 'NO' is heard before the magician has time to wave his hands and say, 'Australians have spoken and in reality we have not. 'Do Not Wait'- send your NO NO NO- Protect the 'Constitution' and protect your Nation from the magicians hand to make it appear that you have agreed where you have not. NO NO NO to the referendum and NO NO NO to any changes to the 'Constitution'.

    Remember this, "when THEY reveal themselves, it will be too late" and THEY can make the statement that Australians have spoken in the dark of the night or the early of the morning. DO NOT allow them to have the keys to unlock a dangerous move where we will 'be ruled by this august body and a sovereign ruler chosen for life. An Empire ruled by the majority, ruled by a new 'Constitution'. The parliament will be reorganized/the change of the 'Constitution' to be ruled by this august body and a sovereign ruler chosen for life. An Empire ruled by the majority, ruled by a new 'Constitution'. No parliament and No 2 parties, independents, greens, teals except 1 party ruled by a sovereign ruler chosen for life. This is the real second voice.

  2. As an Australian, I implore you Chris: Please put it on your Rumble channel. Everyone in Australia needs to get the FULL story and not just part of it. I understand you're running a business and have bills to pay like everyone else but please make an exception this time around just like you did with the Mattias desmet interview. Pretty please.

  3. When you say: "They had to know this would come out…" you need to realise govs like aus rely on or perhaps have gotten used to using SECURITY THROUGH OBFUSCATION. Basically: what is done is done and will be too hard to undo and information is only empowering if it arrives in a timely fashion. I know a fair amount about modern history but knowing it now is of little consequence because…. what is done is done.

  4. It doesn't surprise me at all! Did you know we had a Prime Minister that secretly nominated himself for five ministries without informing his colleagues, the opposition or any other public figure in Australia during the pandemic? And Morrison is still working as backbencher for the liberal party….a total disgrace!

  5. I’m in Sydney, Australia, and I cannot wait for this episode. I’ll be sharing it with absolutely everyone I know in Australia and all around the world. I will never forget or forgive what our evil and totalitarian government did to us since 2020. They ruined many lives. And I’ll never forget or forgive the Stasi informants and enablers—ie, your average normie Australian—who cheered on and enforced our imprisonment and enslavement. Unfortunately, the thin veil of cohesive society has forever vanished for me, and life will never return to “normal”. Society is a mirage.

  6. it wasn't about falling for lies….people in Australia and around the world were forced to have the soup …because most people did not have a choice if they didn't get the soup the ability to feed their families and pay their rent mortgages was taken away ..we know here in Australia they used brutal force in victoria we lived through the longest lock downs in the world outside of China…
    what do you call it when the citizen of a country can't travel more than five k's from their homes who faced daily hate speech from those in power who were bullied threatened lied and coerced we were threaten with 90,000 dollar fines or 2 years jail for not wearing a mask what was it 450,000 for a business not obeying the C rules just lucky for Victorians we opened up before they got to actually fine anyone with those particular fines but thousands of Australians were fined brutalised for sitting in the park or sitting outside on a bench …We need to follow the money l have been posting anywhere for 2 years why nobody looked into ATAGI and all those who made the decision for what they were able to force on the Australian people who on that board received millions grants that were paid by the pharmaceutical companies pfizer moderna biotech….how much money did the then health minister Hunt slink of into the distance with after quietly adding under fives to covid V injury claims scheme ..Aspen Health got billions from Greg hunt…
    until the true figures of deaths and injuries from around the world are exposed they will keep getting away with the lie ….msm will do nothing they are responsible for covering up the truth …but the truth has a way of getting out …

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