Command upgrade w/Larry Johnson (Live)

Command upgrade w/Larry Johnson (Live)
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Written by The Duran

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  1. Alex and Alexander, how I love you so, I just loved the Conversation With Larry, like I Said, has a Kind Face, Fact is , Cut Through The Red Tape, We Are In Shite Street, Yes We are and Just to let You know my little Lovelies, I Was Told That Putin is Watching, Yes, Very Strange, Could it Be That He Has Common Sense, just Trying To Get Out of This Hell Hole, Yes, He Has Had Enough as Well My little Lovelies, anyway, Lots of Love To You all, A Trap, He Needs to Get out Now, He Was Used, But Now, Get out!!

  2. I am a conservative patriotic American, and after my eyes have been opened, I am hoping Russia settles this war quickly and gets rid of the Ellensky regime. We have been deceived and lied to for years. From Profs Mearsheimer and Jeffrey Sachs to the Duran and Col Douglas McGregor, a large number of patriots no longer believe in the military or the leadership of the Western elites.

  3. You are "" idealising the past "" as you put it Alexander . LOL you always shown this rather gooey admiration for things American .
    Try reading ""Legacy of Ashes""by Tim Weiner
    ""The Secret War against the Jews "" ""by Mark Aarons "No Room for Error "" by Col . John T Carney
    you will find the CIA has always been an underhand , duplicitous and lots of times extremely incompetent .
    bunch of *&&%%$ . In the last book mentioned , read about the invasion of Grenada …. what a monumental c*ck up

  4. Did Larry actually say (min 107) that 911 was caused by Radical Islam? What nonsense! By now everybody knows that 911 was planned & implemented by Bush Sn, Cheney, CIA & MOSSAD. Come on, Larry! I stopped the video. Can't watch anymore. Larry & Alexander, you lost credibility. Next time, Stop Larry & Call him on it. T hat's the exact BS that perpetuates the problem.

  5. The younger crowd today who might actually work in factories as blue collar workers, haven't a clue. If they can't do the work on their phones, they're lost. The millennials and gen. Z are in big trouble and me being a boomer, might be in even bigger trouble. You're wrong about interventions going on for the last 20 years. Our interventions started in the early 1850's with admiral Perry and Japan. In the 20th century, our most interesting interventions started in Iran in 1953 and from that time on they never stopped. The founders are literally spinning in their graves.

  6. Sorry Alexander, America lost it's righteous innocence long ago – when the world class criminals gained control. Being an American child of the fifties, I was fortunate to have a connection with the " Greatest Generation " and everything America exemplified, so I am able to point out the contrast.

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