Compelled speech, self censorship, idea suppression and an intolerance of dissenting opinions (#152)

USSR similarities to US today

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #152 (originally streamed live on Dec 03, 2022):

The Peril of Politicizing Science, Krylov 2021:

The Diversity Problem on Campus, Abbot & Marinovic 2021:

From Russia with Love: Science and Ideology Then and Now, Krylov 2022:

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  1. Consider:

    If all ideas&args are valid, then all ideas&args are sound = True

    The contrapositive:

    If not all ideas&args are sound, then not all ideas&args are valid = True

    However, it’s not true, it’s false.

    If all ideas&args are valid, then all ideas&args are sound = False

    This is true.


    An argument can be valid and unsound, but an argument cannot be sound and invalid.

    We need to re-learn logic as a society.

    The structure matters.

    In fact, structure is nearly everything.

    The use of words is to create that structure. They want to destroy all structure by getting us to believe an absolute: ALL must be destroyed to fix what is broken.

    We are being targeted by a very sophisticated type of psychological warfare.

    To remake society will never work without the use of attacking people’s basic ability to reason.

    They must attack the core to bring down the building. Anything less is superficial and will not bring substantial change. Societal collapse allows the ability to suggest a new modality.

    The core:

    -Laws based in Christianity
    -Majority White population
    -Heterosexuality / nuclear family
    -Conservatism / slow changes

  2. Well the jew statement is a lie that is force acceptance for the narration of the story to continue, it may or maynot be true, but the bolsheviks and multitude of people stimply suddenly claiming they are a jew when bolsheviks are killing people, its the idiocy of human fear ot join a cult or group or go against good conscience in order to self preserve or live; one could say whne you extermiante teh head down of your society from massive equality nonsense, and then free up room for cults to take over, whoemver is not in teh cult will be at social odds and have mental stunting from the sheer ostrication of the social fabric is destroyed then you will succumb. SO if you didn't know CULTS thrive in ostrization and warfare in teh internal systems, becasue ultamtely the goal is top down subjection…

    So the story is a bit missleading to what is happening.. SO multiculturalism, money, and diversity is a use of CULTs to tear down structure law and nations and reason for those aggresive isoalting cults to liek a uclture ina petri disk, once hte regulations nad law is removed they go in and take over quite easy, the jews have this form of warfare for a longtime, but most people will never read jewish annuls of their horrific crimes and like any cult they do desreve what comes of them and in them, they act against the original system, that isn't a cult, jsut structure and law, without identity, and each person is and can socialisze and be to its potential the cult systems will forever make ocnflict, because they make idiotic demands iwhtout any reason, yo ujsut have to. The laws of the jews.. is nonsense since those laws were in other civilisatiosn so what you get is a very very strange post modern world that doesn't work out very well, but works really well for the people in cults, we can do a capital advantage of mormons to x… keep in mind all men when conscripted are often from impovrishedh umans not in a cult… and the nforced into a cult when they come bakc that is how you know when a cult takes over… they creat conflict and war, refer to america or chieftan or tribal war, how they kill off men and move wome nand children, its very stupid planet…

    I cna write the same thing about chinese, the funny thing is whatever any CULT does on the planet that grants naother access to a subsystem of humanity, the asiatics copy and then write it down and then express it and see how it works,, so they learn that it works because it destablizes regions, like selling guns ot idiots…

    So you acn scan the asiatics and see who and what cults influence and they are fast to replicate and copy an ideal.. Iwoudl rather have a upright better,. my loving environement but there is this large very large over worked populace form tyrants and other systems nad neglect ofmonetary means.. so we get mass confusion.

    GPS trackers/logging is an interesting one you ahve over 20k products that all do the same function, all with different veneers over the mto sell, where as they could build hte best shape nad hten peopel are all more inteligent by knowign what it does nad how it works.. competition destroys inteligence and evnetually its jsut capital subjugation and a bunch of monkeys exploited building model kits…

    I like model kits… the problme is the way of life of a natural system is completely destroyed and the means ot have a family…

    CUlts and beliefs and lies cna kill people, IE deny them work ,deny them dignity, deny them pay deny people simply by not join whatever it is… so the true potential is lost in a system..

    So meh.. too bad… really.. its like pople like killing each other andhten having somethign to cry about or complain about, when in reality it wasn't even them that were affected or died…

    planet.. meatball

  3. Let's not forget either that the term "vandalism" is itself a naked ethnic slur. And given the reputation of Vandals for marauding throughout Europe and North Africa, doubtless many, if not most of us, have distant Vandal ancestry to take personal offense at this all too "unconscious" common slur.

  4. In 2013, one of my physics professors (Dr Julie Ziffer of UMaine) was mentoring me about what to do to get into a grad program by telling me about her application process, some 15 years or so prior.

    She was advised to liberally include references to how she was a member of some protected class in order to increase her odds of acceptance. Her telling of that exchange was as follows.

    "Oh. I'm Jewish. I'll use that."
    "That doesn't make you a minority in physics. That may hurt you"
    "Oh. Well I'm gay"
    "Excellent. Use that."

    She then advised me to use my veteran status if I proceeded in my physics education, but to make sure it was a more conservative leaning university like UChicago or Dartmouth and milk the fact I have a disability rating from the VA.

    She meant well, and I still have enormous respect for her, but the thought of following the advice made me feel dirty.

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