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Confronting Sargeant Kingston after court rules charges “invalid”

Remember Sargeant Kingston who arrested the Aussie Cossack for exercising in the park? Karma…

Last encounter with Kingston –

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Written by Aussie Cossack

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  1. 'Sucked in Kingston"…….classic quote and should be a bumper sticker.
    As an aside and as it turns out Kingston was and has been sucked in [by his overlords] and has ended up on the wrong side of the law as per the court ruling, the people [who he is supposed to serve], and the truth.
    Aussie Cossack – keep up the reporting and shining a light on the antics of the few, knowledge is power!

  2. Classic video telling the cop to suck it. They should have known the fines they were given out were garbage, I wonder if there was bonus system in place.
    The amount, of arguments I had with people over mandated vaccines face masks and lock down rules and the failed covid passport. It's great to see all the bs being exposed. Sad to see how many still believe and trust the government lies or are just to bull head to admit they were scared. The media need to be accountable for the fear they put in to people with germ floating on the tv as they gave their daily death tolls and told people the unvaccinated were more of threat than the virus and who could forget the Gladie at 11am presser they became comedy gold.

  3. The Police in Australia have managed single handedly, egged on by their political masters to damage their reputation beyond recognitionā€¦.can you believe it, absolutely NO ONE, NONE, NOT ONE of them ever did a risk assessment BEFORE they charged off on their Shetland ponies waving their bent plastic swords around and acting tough firing rubber bullets, batoning, battering, pepper spraying and fining ā€¦.they have trashed their reputationā€¦no wonder the good cops are leaving en masseā€¦a disgrace on their uniform and badge are the cops that have bought into the ongoing last 3 years of intimidation and pig headed political power plays against the citizens of Australia.

  4. Nice car "Kingston" bully, someone take that car away from him. They shouldn't have those 100k cars, that's wasting public money. Those Stingers I use to have to pull them to the auto electrician to have them engineered with all the Police tech before the cars even got to the cops, had to drive and load them before the cops even got them, pretty sure regret doing that job for them now, found out those cars with all that tech cost about 50k per car, was unlawfully let go from my last job "because of the covid" what a lie one day that young owner will get his as the rest of the staff that colluded to get me fired because I called out their incompetence that someone else wouldn't take the job later I found out because of the very same incompetence and because he also had a thing for me couldn't handle his wife being around finding out, filth. I'm pretty sure they all understand how everyone knows everyone in this universe now, and here on Earth, I sure know all them for what they've done to me, filth intelligence. "Defend," my ass. Might want to use some "regression therapy" on themselves, still won't ever be half as good as I was as a person and hypnotist.

  5. IF the AFP really gave a shit, they'd be attacking the head of the octopus not just some 25 pedos here in WA and saving 2 underage girls from rape, filth. Glad they were saved poor girls and this shit shouldn't be happening to begin with, those pedos need the electric chair not wasting our money sitting in jail, or worse being in our community let alone our politicians nor public servants. Shame few seem to have the balls you and your wife do Cossack. Guy in Germany (hero) went out and shot a politician, it's starting. The guy got charged, but you know when the politicians and public servants act war on you, it's not illegal to fight back. Pretty sure people had quite enough of those 'media prostitutes" we call reporters too. They need to understand there who's really in charge too, the people, the masses, not them. If you're sensitive to energy you can spot them a mile away, their energy makes you want to throw up like the feeling in the colosseum, the blood. People's energy is disgusting and you can read everything within it, you can't hide. There's some really fucked in the head people out there, talk lots of shit, say lots of shit about me when they themselves are the criminals especially with what happened when the zombie covid people came out talking how good the vax is, don't even realise in the great scheme of things how big of a criminal they are.

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