Convoy Lawyer Kicked Out of the Emergencies Act Inquiry – Brendan Miller Makes Public Statement

Marco Mendicino took the stand at the Inquiry into Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act to crush a peaceful protest against mandates in February. Convoy Lawyer, Brendan Miller was escorted out by security after talking over Commissioner Rouleau.

Brendan Miller talks to press outside commission:

The Confrontation that caused it:

Christine Van Geyn for the CCF:

Christine Van Geyn on Twitter:

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  1. the application 'needs to be made in writing', but he is reacting to an improper disclosure of documents that were not giving in writing so I guess we can see who is taking sides now, eh. literally cant put into writing something you dont know you need until that very moment. but thats government for you, I am aware the power that these people have, and I am certain that it does not 'have ' to be in writing and that he had more than enough judicial power to allow the verbal application under the circumstances. corrupt or lazy, no other excuse.

  2. I just want to give a big round of applause to Brendan Miller and the whole 'defense' team. Not only do they have to listen attentively to the witnesses in order to prepare for cross examination, but then do the cross under tight time restrictions. And then at the end of the day, sift through further 'evidence' to prepare for the next day. Brendan was the lawyer that brought up the licence plate ID of the Confederate flag bearer. Tihe govt witnesses are letting his clock run and he can't get his crucial questions into the record.

  3. Emergencies Act inquiry is 100% a travesty

    Primer Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Justice Paul Rouleau to be the person who would tell Canadians if Trudeau overreached by invoking the Emergencies Act. Rouleau is a member of the Liberal party, supporter of the Liberal party, worked for the Liberal party and was appointed to the bench by a past Liberal prime minister, Paul Martin.

  4. She’s right… she didn’t do it justice!
    She completely failed to elucidate on the fact as to why Miller was so strong here.
    The filibustering and obvious bias being demonstrated… EVEN AFTER HE DID ATTEMPT TO UTILIZE THE PROCESS… UNTIL IT CONTINUALLY DIDN’T WORK.
    Miller at least wanted to expose what was happening regardless

  5. the hole inquiry is just government bullshit or a clown act. all you got is cops being pushed under the bus and those that order them around saying they have cabnit privlage or coruption privlages…. and in real world news the canada eu trade deal has hit the wall irland has pulled the plug. im shocked freeland has not had questions on said topic. i'll say it blunt the inquiry is just drama for the masses, nothing will come out of said inquiry your not going to see anyone or anything held acountable

Wicked beyond belief

Wicked beyond belief.

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