Corporate Media’s Fraudulent Free Press Martyrs | SYSTEM UPDATE with Glenn Greenwald

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. The corruption and co-opting of the media by government, their institutions, and Democrats is a horrific period in our history. the lack of courage by these people and us as a community at large is demoralizing at best and sicking in reflection. Glenn, your are a man with conviction and courage.

  2. This video posted 27 minutes ago. 573 views and 137 likes.

    How do I know the USA is screwed? Because of the numbers I just listed. One of the most renowned journalist that ever existed on the planet get numbers like this? It should have 10's of thousands of views and thousands of likes. We are fucked!

  3. Mass media has been complicit in promoting the money power's propaganda for 200 years now. When the truth slips through about anything they care about it is an accident and usually vehemently bashed as a "conspiracy theory". It is truly sickening how the public is lead around with a ring in their nose. F*cking cattle…

  4. There was an unspoken intent in the Jet-tracking of possible violence or even shooting the jet down so Jet-tracking in and of itself is not the honorable free speech these fraudulent journalists are trying to trump it up in to…By stealing attention and all the oxygen on this those effete corporate journalist insult the real victims that have suffered Machiavellian censorship and abuse by social media companies for posting dangerous truths…You Tube made my replies invisible to anyone except myself for two years…I believe they violated me criminally…

  5. Step one – ban journalists, so they understand problems of censorship
    Step two – ban University professors, so they understand the importance of free speech
    Step three – ban various organizations, so they understand they don't have a monopoly on THE VIEW
    Step four – ban comedians…. just for the laughs and for the h*ll of it

  6. Confessing to be card -carrying member of the Democratic Party, is almost as shameful and heinous, as admitting to being a journalist for the New York Times – or the rest of the MSM. We need a new Joe McCarthy to out this media, as the corporate microphone and government cheerleader – especially on matters of war – that it is.

  7. You said in your book Glenn, that Lora spoke with the Washington Post N.S writer asking for the WP to pay to fly to Hong Kong and meet Snowden? Yet the American intel community could not find Snowden? Also, who is PENGO? The East German Stasi contact to Assange in the 90's before he was murdered post Assange arrest?

  8. Everyone in the Wikileaks orbit actively promoted gender theory, they had nothing to say when women were getting fired for understanding biological reality. Not covert leaked classified files, no, women have been chased out of their professions for being “TERFs” and the Wikileaks crew supported it.

    I spoke up for Assange for years like a complete idiot, none of these “activist truth tellers” spoke up. He can rot for all I care.

    “Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me”

    Wikileaks is complicit in the woke rot.

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