Corruption in Brazil, from Lula Imprisoned to Bolsonaro Election Defeat – Glenn Greenwald Highlight

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  1. Glenn Greenwald is an incurable Leftist. In spite of that, his discourse is mostly correct except where he gets to his "scoop" for which he hopes to receive a Pulitzer, that being the story of the hacked phone calls of the justices prosecuting Lula. That was "fruit of the poison tree" evidence that should never have been allowed into court to nullify Lula's prison term. These sort of renegade judges were in a war with corrupt superior judges to conduct their prosecution. They knew, like we all do, that Lula was the ringleader of the biggest corruption scandal that Brazil had ever seen, the so called "car wash" scandal. The phone discussions were about how to get a judgement to stick in a country that treats any crimes committed by a politician with impunity. That they got hacked, and these conversations were permitted as evidence to nullify the charges against Lula, destroys the ability of judges to talk privately among themselves and thereby represents a blow to democracy. The evidence against Lula stands to this day, only his sentence was overturned and nullified. That did not nullify the evidence itself of his corruption.


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Bill on His Farmland Ownership

Bill on His Farmland Ownership