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Dan Andrews announces he is sending Victoria back to the Ice Age

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  1. Natural gas has 42-55 MJ/kg.
    While coal in Australia has 18-25 MJ/kg depending on the quality.
    And these IDIOTS running the show want ALL of us to switch to electric in our homes and cars which come from COAL FIRED POWER PLANTS. (51% of all electric energy in Australia is created via burning coal.)
    So these IDIOTS want us to use a power source which has a lower energy density.??????????
    They want us all to cook via electricity and travel via electricity when our power grid is already having trouble coping with the load put on the grid…???????
    We have all seen the huge spike in electricity prices all over the country and they still try and push more and more dependency on the electrical grid.
    In my eyes they are doing this because if WE ALL need the grid to eat or travel then they can easily control all of us.
    Please wake up and save our wonderful country.
    I don't want YOU or my family to be slaves.
    I want us to be free again, remember how it was not even 20 years ago?
    Let's bring that Australia back.

  2. WTAFā€¦.. šŸ˜³ Iā€™m pretty certain the stinky reporter just said no more gas barbecuesā€¦.. I donā€™t care how hot she is, someone somewhere is sick of her shit. What kind of wing nut satellite dish hunch back freak would try to take away the Australian barbecue?!?!? Heā€™s lost his mind, gone too f@kin far !!! REVOLT !!!!!!! šŸ˜¤

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Think you really own your property? Think again.

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Freedom of speech