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Daniel Andrews ‘must be forced out’ by his colleagues over leaked IBAC letter

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Victoria Premier Danial Andrews “must be forced out” by his colleagues as the leaked IBAC letter “taints them all with a corrupt brush”.

In an explosive letter revealed by the Herald Sun on Thursday, former IBAC head Robert Redlich claims a Labor-dominated parliamentary committee directed independent auditors to dig up dirt on the corruption watchdog.

“This letter from the IBAC commissioner … is an extraordinary new insight into just how far the Andrews government has gone in trying to politicise the state,” Ms Credlin said.

“This premier must be forced out by his colleagues because, this is beyond the pale, and it taints them all with a corrupt brush.”

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  1. Sky still carrying on, simple get rid of Companies and Share Acquisition Companies! You tardo brain trailed puppets as Companies can’t even deal with what you have done let alone comprehend it, and as per usual you justify yourselves by pointing your fingers at your others, imagine that you are all part of Cerns levelled down blame and you will all have perspective.
    The purpose of Company is to deliver a cheaper produced product at a higher price whilst offsetting losses (now using acquisition to assign loss) and stimulating continued need of product which includes pushing need for replacement after the warranted time also meaning that there is no push or direction for quality products just a continued push for products that devalue consumers rights for trade equality therefore Company as it has and can only do continues to devalue life as consumers and seeks profits knowingly at cost to the environments they operate in, FFS that’s everything you have ever spoken about leaving out all the fake satanist pyramid Pedo junk ie Ce666rn
    No one needs more Royals/Rothschild’s Company adverts now isn’t that how the world got here?

    Btw I’m not an enemy so much of what you say Sky but more so an enemy of the position you say it from
    Cern – Company the 2 that are 1
    Everyone you have ever spoken about – COMPANY

    Notice how every Advert you ADVERTISERS sell US are never about (not even a single one of) the INDIVIDUALS that (will have or ) are watching you lot tell US about what you lot have all done to US collectively?
    Perspective is key : Company is Pyramid not US it uses US against US and cuts from all sides

    Ps this is why none of your adverts targets (not even Gates windows and show us your back door pedophiles whoever you make it) care about you or your others “reporting” because they (Not US) thought of themselves protected by “The Company”

    Through the mockery of “The Advertisers Adverts” we (as in US) should look at the “individuals” to see if they step away from the structure or choose to reward themselves further within the positioned structure of Company : especially now when there is ample material proof and evidence thanks to advertisers like Sky and it’s likened others that tells us from the horses mouth that it is always Company that fails US and our freedom.

    Remember deniers of freedom your real choice this time put you where you are..!
    Time is all at once
    Tell me how the World can’t survive without Companies and then proceed to tell me how you haven’t been Brainwashed…

    Thy Will be Done
    The Truth Balfour Farr Wilson Williams

  2. Dan will be back. Who else can people vote for? Corruption? Which party has not got that. To be a politician and not be corrupt, means you are lacking something! Look at all who have gone before (on both sides), and some still there! Forced out? No way, Dan will be back!

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