Danielle Smith’s Alberta Sovereignty Act Has Feds and Media Frantic to Spin a Narrative

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that while he’s “not looking for a fight” with Alberta, the federal government is not taking anything off the table. Empty threats from a PM that has run his government like a dictator rather than a statesmen.

Danielle Smith Press Conference:

CTV articles:

National Post:

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  1. Alberta has given WAY WAY too much of their money away to the east. For nearly a century alberta has
    drilled pumped and sold 10's of millions of barrels of oil and we are 100% BROKE….. You couldn't make
    up a worse deal as a contributor to a collective than the way things are now if you tried.

  2. If Alberta wants to leave let it. But then we charge them ridiculous amounts of money to get their oil and natural resources out of their "country". Go ahead and leave but you get nothing but what's within your borders and then you have to negotiate with the country of Canada to get your resources to market. Also all those treaties with the indigenous population, well they are signed with Canada not Alberta, so you'll have to deal with that as well. Go ahead and leave, the rest of Canada won't miss you.

  3. Alberta. What a mess😅 Desperately trying to play tough for the tiny group out clowns that support another hapless leader. Vast majority of Albertans don't support this. Let's pretend that's not true. This train wreck of 'legislation ' will never survive a court challenge. It's empty posturing considering this leader won't survive the best election. Typical fringe minority leadership. Fuck the majority, protect the mindless ignorant fools and take rights away from all the citizens. That's the part you clowns don't recognise. She's attempting to subvert the will of the people. That's you sad clowns as well. Pathetic nonsense from Alberta. Canada's Florida. 😂

  4. Imagine hubrus of saying "youre gonna make up your own laws?"…. YES!!! Thats why the Fed Governmwnt does….NO ONE VOTED FOR ANY OF THESE LAWS….THEY MAKE THEM UP!!!!! FCK THAT!!! Time to GOVERN OURWELVES!!!!! WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE the Liberal Governmwnt of Canada!!!!! They are CRIMJNALS!!!!! ITS TIME!!!!

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