Did Biden Trade IMMUNITY For MBS In Exchange For Oil? | Breaking Points & The Intercept

The Intercept journalist Ken Klippenstein talks with foreign policy analyst Khalid Aljabri to discuss recent moves by the Saudis to release slightly more oil into the market after Biden chose to push for immunity for MBS in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

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The Intercept:

Written by Breaking Points

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  1. This is truly outrageous and disgusting. Khalid is a weasel who’s father is a corrupt liar who betrayed his country by embezzling billions out of the government security funds and splitting to Canada to spend the loot truly shameful to try to manipulate the truth and give lairs and thieves an outlet to lie and spread their agendas .

  2. The murder of Jamal Khashoggi was brutal, but he was also a CIA asset. Its very obvious he was going after MBS, which led to the decision to off him. While I obviously disagree with such an act, I also disagree majorly over Khashoggi's role in playing CIA asset in Saudi Arabia for US-control over the region.

  3. It seems like it only took two years to go from having a stable genius being honored with a traditional Sword Dance at the Saudi Palace and $2 gas for us commoners because we were energy independent to having a senile old man getting a weak fist bump and begging a nation that does not like us for oil and $6 gas . 🤠

  4. shh it's OK since the oil is being extracted in a different part of the world so it's out of sight, out of mind. The bumper sticker brigade gets to take a lap around the Eco-centric virtue track waving their flags and crying on cue during every photo while those other dirty countries keep pumping oil, refining it and sending it to our shores. But just think of all the haughty talk at those socialite parties. We did it, we did it!

  5. Is Biden being blackmailed by Zelensky with the information on the Burisma investigation ?
    Can the president of Ukraine reopen the Burisma case and file extradition papers for the son of the sitting US president and possibly the US president for his actions when he was VP ?

    This is a serious question , that should be discussed !

  6. The american arrogance in this interview is funny. It is not the job of courts to go after things in foreign country. That is what foreign policy is for. It's not the job of an unelected judge with delusions of grandeur. If they want to go after MBS they should threaten war or blackmail their king with sanctions.

  7. What is it with Breaking Points farming all their work out to a bunch of random talking heads? If all I wanted were heterodox "counter to conventional wisdom" takes on politics, there's a million places to go on the Internet: I don't need to click on Breaking Points videos. I click on them because I like Saagar and Krystal's presentation, I like how they think and articulate their thoughts, etc. I'm about done bothering with this show.

  8. The way I see it they have 2 options.
    #1 give him immunity and then cash out the family themselves and just tell the family the truth he is guilty but the administration made the decision that it’s not worth it for millions of American working class people to suffer with high gas prices that really do affect people in negative ways.

    Option 2 a full on offense against the the Saudi government. Tell them they will do what the US government wants or we attack. Do what we say or we bomb your country back into the Stone Age and no more US weapons sales to your country.

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