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Discussing Branch Closures On The Radio…

This is a radio segment from ABC Illawarra where I discussed the branch closure issue, my recent research, and why the big banks are putting up a digital smokescreen story to cover deep cost cutting, despite the focus on regional branch closures which will strangle local communities.

We need to put pressure on our Politicians who at the moment are largely implicitly supporting the banks’ cost saving mantra.

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  1. It is not my intention to be critical for the sake of it and I am definitely not a fan of banks and their behaviour but…… These banks (if not already) were privatised by government, so are they not now masters of their own destiny. Banks are businesses and therefore have the right to make decisions affecting their profitability. Why do people think it is the bank's responsibility to "subsidise" communities by running at a loss. I can see the point about a "financial institution" supporting a community but why do some Australians think that a business should run an unprofitable business in order to support a community, is that the their job, or the job of government. Interestingly enough, the comment by the lady calling the ABC about "old people" was true to some extent. The banks are paying tellers to serve pensioners who often refuse to use modern banking and insist they maintain a passbook account, into which a pension is paid fortnightly and on pension day the vast majority of these people come to the bank and withdraw the lot so we have these accounts with balances of .10 cents for 13 out of 14 days and the bank not only make no money on these accounts but actually loose money. I feel for the senior citizens, but let's be honest, why is it the responsibility of an Australian business with shareholders to subsidise a particular demographic with their profits. Even these self proclaimed "community banks" are not rushing to these towns and suburbs for the opportunity of opening their branch in an uncontested environment. Maybe the answer is to start another government bank but let's try and be fair and objective about this.

  2. Martin! You mentioned the fact customers needed to go to Wollongong for a bank branch. I went to Shellharbour shopping center to withdraw money from a St.Georges ATM out the front of their bank. The two ATM machines were off and not working so I had to walk inside to the teller to withdraw a few hundred dollars…..all I wanted was a few hundred dollars to put into a birthday card for my mother.

    Now imagine if the ATM was down or I couldn't withdraw enough because the limits wasn't high enough or was reduced? What do I do if the ATM machine eats my card and I need help?

    …..Banks know what they are doing and want to reduced the amount of potential bank branches available as avenues for customers to potentially rush to when the big economic shit show starts.

    Customers need bank branches. If they wanna become an online bank then fine hand over their business to Australian Post and help customers transactional away from them over to Australian Post for the old people if that's what they believe and it should be done before the branch in that area closes. Those banks do not deserve to keep customers they cannot service.

  3. It is such a great pleasure to see THE PRIME mainstream media in Australia care and understand what is truly happening in the world around us and , give time to a qualified remarkable person like Martin North who fully understands the importance of letting the public at large information , which can be found only on programs such as yours . I know for a fact that such programs have been causal in vast numbers of people to pause , stop and think carefully and end up making very important decisions with the benefit of knowledge and wisdom and , avoid making disastrous decisions , With much respect , from Robert Of Australia 🇦🇺.

  4. Nab in Forbes closed recently & shifted it to Aus post. I live regionally & need to go into a regional bank to deposit.I also travel regionally.I will not use Aust Post for banking.they are also putting Aus Post staff at risk which are franchises.

  5. Australia is a sun burnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains.
    As these iconic past and present, small town Ozzie Battlers triumph through all these natural adversities.
    Then the Internet banking came along… and in its wake, closed all the small town local bank branches… and with that, the iconic Ozzie Battlers finally succumbs, dries up, and is washed down the drain. 🦘😢

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