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Discussing The RBA On The Radio (2)…

Another segment discussing the Senate probing of RBA Governor Lowe, this time on ABC Illawarra, live this afternoon.

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  1. I found it amusing when talking to Malcolm Roberts that Phil said all this sickness stimulus was done by the bank and not the govt, apparently they didn't even ask…
    And there is only $4,000 in cash per person in Australia, Better hope theres no bank runs 🤣

  2. The fact that RBA consistently uses Interest rates up and down sledgehammer mechanism to heat and cool The Australian Economy shows poor insight on the part of the Governing Body…
    We have been through this before.
    Do these people have no other tools???
    What then are they paid so much money for?
    I could do the same job for say
    100 000.🤗

  3. No empathy for Investor Mortgages taken out 5mins after the RBA said they would keep rates low during a Worldwide Pandemic…but it was hardly a signal for investors to take out a 30 year mortgage because for next 2 years it would be cheaper! The other thing the RBA said today, they are watching Mortgage Offset Accounts now. Anyone who tried to access them during covid19, may have been reminded that it's seen as the Banks money. I'm waiting for the moment that Superannuation says same thing to people! I'm hearing stories that Landlord put in rent as voluntary contributions after they've left it in a term deposit…..yeah, where is the empathy for tenants, and those tenants who are paying rent and stuck in a mortgage on a house being built and held up in the supplychain or construction company collapses? WE URGENTLY NEED A NATIONAL GOVT BUILDING COMPANY WHO TENDER FIR BUILDERS AND HAVE LEGAL ACCESS TO THE COMPANY DIRECTOR'S SUOERANNUATION SO THE DINT PHOENIX. BUT WE TURN TAP ON AND OFF ON SUPPLY AS AND WHEN LANDLORDS GET TOO GREEDY. SUPPLY GIVES TENANTS THE CAPACITY TO WALK AWAY AND DROP THE YIELD CURVE.

  4. What can you do if people have over committed their finances, You don't have to be Blind Freddy to see that interest rates weren't going to stay low for ever , if people are having trouble now ,what happens at another 2 or 3 or 4 rate rises, and how would they cope if rates went to double digits, Better the pain now then Hyperinflation.
    The Government could help by cutting spending they have done it before.

  5. Mr Lowe is a habitual liar

    Rates have been “unlikely to rise” 9 times so far

    Demand isn’t falling, in the rental market for example, and rents aren’t getting cheaper

    Demand for cars isn’t falling and prices aren’t getting cheaper

    Demand for food isn’t falling and prices aren’t getting cheaper

    When will Mr Lowe’s lies about interest rates and inflation be called out by the Parliament?

  6. All of the talk is on the RBA and how they’re not considering the average Australian in their decision making process. I really don’t think there’s enough emphasis however on the fact that people aren’t taking accountability for the financial decisions that they themselves made. Leveraging into any asset class at 10:1 when credit availability for that asset class, and therefore prices, are at an all-time high is a crazy crazy financial decision to make. If someone were to take that strategy and apply it to the sharemarket, you would think they were absolutely mad, but because it’s property it’s considered totally acceptable. Now things have turned and people are blaming the RBA. Remember, nobody thanked Phillip Lowe when their mortgage repayments went through the floor. People need to start taking responsibility for their own damn decisions.

  7. When you have no control over energy it’s inflationary.every single thing revolves around energy and only a fool would hand over energy to the corporations.yes our politicians are fools… give them a nice bottle of wine and a fine steak they will sell out there own mother.

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