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Djokovic: What a difference a year makes in Australia

January 2022: Novak Djokovic is labelled a threat for being unvaccinated by the Australian Government & banned for 3 years.
January 2023: Djokovic is welcomed back, celebrated…& still unvaccinated.
What a difference a year makes

Written by MilkBarTV

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  1. Watching the Boxing Day test they had an announcement at the start welcoming everyone regardless of race, religion, etc., etc. and personal choices. I really wish I had have recorded it, because only the year before I was unable to even go into a pub to watch the cricket. What a joke.
    I hope Djokovic does well, but personally I will never go to or watch tennis in Australia again. They do not deserve my money.

  2. I'm unvaccinated. Middle aged and healthy. Have had covid twice and liken it to hay fever. Other fully vaccinated family members are getting constantly sick and run down. Go figure.
    MBTV you are a bloody legend mate. Keep up the outstanding work exposing the hypocrisy, lies and tyranny.

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Why is the World Health Organisation pushing for more power?

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Now we know that every single one of the people in this video was lying. The entire “Russia gate” was a fake. Just like the politicians featured in this video. It’s really quite something. (