‘Do You Think All Conservatives Are Nazis?’: Ex-Twitter Exec Confronted Over Past Tweets By Comer

At today’s House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) questioned ex-Twitter executives.

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  1. The only correct answer: " I certainly think that those Conservatives and members of the Trump administration who are or sympathize with Nazis are Nazis, and that the Conservative parties in the US have done a terrible job refusing to give those people a voice and influence in governments."

  2. Good sir you are 100% wrong about exactly 1 statement. They didn't fail at thier job at Twitter. They did exactly what they were hired to do. Lie, obstruct, deicieve and lie! The only thing is anyone who believed thier lies did so out of ignorant willingness.

  3. When dealing with these left extremists, you must realise that they believe morals do not exist provided what they are doing brings about the revolution to turn your country into a communist state.
    The revolution also requires the blood of those who don’t comply.
    This meddling in the US election must be treated as treasonous, otherwise this will continue.

  4. No wonder the EX-Twitter executives left terrified!

    They know that the powerful, and unscrupulous actors in the Government can reach them anywhere at any time to silence them.

    Remember the demise of Jeffery Epstein…right in prison…under the watch of cameras and guards.

    Nothing could protect him…they wanted him silenced. You never hear anymore, in the FAKE NEWS outlets, any more questions about his death. POOF! It's just like nothing happened and he never existed. The guards who were fired at the Federal Detention Center…got their jobs back…with back pay and raises…so that is the ending!

  5. Oh, at this point a conservative President SHOULD clean out the FBI and put some conservatives in there so that a lot of the damage that has been done can. hopefully, be rolled back. Leftist oligarchs and bureaucrats should, to borrow the language of the Left, be held accountable. Deplatformed, defunded, and shunned by the mainstream for a period of some years, and then when we've brought things back to center, institute changes to make the bureaucracy, education system, legal system, and big business neutral and apolitical.

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