Documents Reveal Secret Twitter Portal US Government Used to Censor COVID Content

🧶 EpochTV: The Shadow State documentary 👉


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  1. The scary reality is that the story isn't "How Twitter did something-something", it's "How a handful of out-of-touch gen Z programmers (we'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they can actually code) created mass formation psychosis for the entire world population."

  2. What is interesting is the CDC countered OSHA guidance on respiratory protection on mask wearing. Mask value or the lack there of had been well evaluated by experts over many decades using scientific methods for respiratory protection of humans in the workplace. The CDC eliminated the science altogether gathered on the effectiveness and efficacy and risk of mask wearing. Masks offered little to no protection and may have contributed to false sense of security, but anyone that brought up the actual scientific validated studies of particle size, protection and risk were lost to social media editing.

  3. Claims of side effects were banned? That goes against the freedom of speech that impacts a persons health – In FDA guidance anyone can raise a public claim against the effectiveness and efficacy or safety of any approved drug/device. I'd like to see if the FDA adhered to its own guidance and collected this information when raised. Example of a previous device – If someone raised a concern about breast implants to the FDA, the FDA is required to make notes to the manufacturer and review the risks and did.

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