Don Lemon really doesn’t want you to see this!!! 😂😂😂


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  1. If he stayed this way Americans would be way better off for the last 6 to 8 years all he's been doing is pushing racist hate. You even have white people fighting for black people problems that doesn't even exist. Democrats talked a big game but did nothing. Hilary couldn't say the word Wall but that's what the barrier would be. Trump did what he said he was gonna do even fighting the democrats the whole time. Also Americans was in a much better position and alot safer. You can't expect Americans to get along when government can't even do it

  2. Is it a possibility, we can find some new station that relatively everybody watches, that we can put all of those snippets on a Loop, and Play it 24/7!! Mr. Hive mind oh, that is why I couldn't tell as many people as I can to listen or watch your podcast as much as they can!! You definitely hit a freaking homerun on this one man!!

  3. Obama was saying the same things back then. The left says whatever is needed to make you think they are reasonable until they get the Overton window to shift closer to where they really are. They build up to a “new normal” and then they get to work shifting the window further. Remember when there was absolutely no way gay marriage was going to lead to normalizing of transgenderism,beastiality or pedophilia? Now look around.

hunter denies

Hunter Biden Business Partner Flips, Now ‘Cooperating’ With GOP Investigators (

Zelensky Threatened w DEATH If He Negotiated With Russia

Zelensky Threatened w/ DEATH If He Negotiated With Russia!