Douglas Murray Smacks Down Justin Trudeau & His Corrupt Media!

The “Freedom Convoy” of Canadian truckers who protested the COVID vaccine mandates were roundly denounced in the nation’s media, echoing criticisms and pejorative descriptions initially lodged by the government of Justin Trudeau. As British commentator Douglas Murray pointed out, the Canadian media performs as a mouthpiece for the Canadian government, and the result is despicable and pathetic.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Canadian Rumble host Viva Frei about how government ownership of the news media affects coverage in Canada.

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  1. These reflex insult labels only have a social effect because they are dogwhistle words to their fellow Neo Liberal "Woke" fellow countrymen on who to shun, cancel, and treat as an other. It is total bully propaganda bullshit run by the governments of our western nations, the media, and supported by much of the population of our nations. The state and the media work with a portion of the citizenry to spread intolerance, hate, and bigotry while pretending they all are fighting together against an extremist bigot threat.

  2. please understand the voting results are now all pre chosen by a.i. all scripts on journalism prepaid by govts are all created to cause division, Prejudice isolation hate bigotry powerlessness trauma and ruin people's health with constat fear hate and lies to get you to submit to every law that destroys freedom destroys marriage,keep you broke and complacent and compliant instead of getting a backbone reject socialism wars tyranny and spending trillions that do nothing to make our nation safe or reduce debts or prosperous our nation. If we made all our own food become a nation that gives incentives to adopt children not trick their identies. Only men born men are men and woman born wormen are woman. It's in your chromosome. It's like having a driver license. Male or femail. If you want to be a gay tranny or a eunuch that's your person feeling. Not a legal one

  3. Just so you know Jimmy.

    A racist that agrees with you on Justin Trudeu and corrupt media, or vaccines, is still a racist.

    Maybe do your homework on Douglas Murray before you make videos praising him.

    Strange how you never have Palestinian activists or anti-racism educators like Jane Elliott on but you'll feature conservative racist, Zionist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant racist like Douglas Murray and then get upset when people think you're a racist rightwinger.

    The only time I would be interested in anything involving Douglas Murray is if he's found buried in a slab of concrete

Macron shut down Bakhmut very symbolic very strategic Bild

Macron shut down. Bakhmut, very symbolic & very strategic. Bild, blame Elensky. BBC shovels. U/1

We dont need to be welcomed to our own country

We don’t need to be welcomed to our own country.