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Dr. Jordan Peterson Fights Back filing Judicial Review against College of Psychologists

Dr. Jordan Peterson will NOT be submitting to Re-Education training at the demands of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Rather, he will be taking them to court, saying that their attempt to punish him for his public statements is purely politically motivated.

Complaint form:

List of Board Members:

Dr. Jordan Peterson’s tweet thread:

Toronto Sun article:

Global News article:

Mikhaila Peterson’s Video:

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  1. We are in totalitarian communistic Ccp Wef rule folks!!!!! This is scary to the core! If they are doing this to this man for simple different opinion of the govt and a voice for the young man, just think how much farther they will go!!!!we need to rise not just talk! Make the trucker convey take over the entire country!!! Peacefully make our Civil liberty known!

  2. If you peel a label off of an apple, it doesn't turn the apple back into a seed.
    Jordan is no longer a student and is speaking publicly as an independent.
    The data and poll show that conservative and independent individuals are saught after because politics doesn't make sense.
    So to attack independent thinking, views and those of us who like to listen to all views under the new inclusiveness, this college is showing they are prejudice against Jordan's independent work.

  3. These people have no idea how badly they are undermining themselves. This is what stupidity looks like, in real time. JP will always be a consummate professional, despite what any college has to say about that. That’s how he got to where he is, in the first place. That’s more than these people can ever claim.

  4. Have the clued-out dimwits , (otherwise referred to as his colleagues and peers), ever entertained the notion that, world-wide, he is respected , listened to by millions and admired for his courage, his ethics and mental brilliance and that THEY ARE NOT ?? or perhaps they were just paid a visit by Trudeau's bouncer boys or minions?? Hell,The world is watching!

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