Dr. Jordan Peterson to Undergo Re-Education Training or Lose Clinical License in Canada

The Ontario College of Psychologists are demanding that Dr. Jordan Peterson submit himself to mandatory social-media communication retraining with their experts. If he does not comply, he faces the possibility of losing his clinical license and the ability of identifying as a Psychologist.
Maxime Bernier was with me in interview when we got the news of what had happened. He gave his candid response to hearing the news

Dr. Peterson’s tweets:

Dr. Peterson’s profile at the College of Psychologists of Ontario:

The Epoch Times article:

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  1. Um is this Cuba,China,Ukraine,…Way to go liberals this is what you voted in with The communist Dictator Wef plant! Bow down to all hail ceasar Trudope or risk been canceled, arrested,property seized, maid action or else!!!!The Land of the free ! Time for a revolt ,pull them out into the streets and let them answer to the treasonous dictatorship ccp rule! There is still.more of us then there is of them!!

  2. I will be his patient even if he lost any license… this just tell me how overrated licenses and government regulations are, people who doesn't have can be better qualified than people that has and Dr. Jordan is 10 times more educated than people who are questioning him… but all we know, Trudeau is behind this bullshit…

  3. Sounds quite identical to something out of the book, “1984”. If Jordan stands up to those totalitarians (even if he rids himself of his license) he would do a lot of good by telling this story and encouraging others to stand up to tyranny. Courage is key, like the amazing trucker’s courage.

  4. Too late bitches, Peterson has already influenced more folks because of the internet rather than his license at this point in the game.
    All they are doing is demonizing him and ending his profession. But he has already accomplished more than most Psycologists have in their entire career despite the Woketards trying to ruin him.
    It's all good folks, maybe this will steer him towards running for Prime Minister of Canada.

  5. It’s time the onus was put on them to prove their claims.
    This should not be happening period.
    This is what Trudeau and his secret agenda has done to our country.
    Everything he accused Harper of was exactly what he has done.
    Muzzled the scientists, put forth a secret agenda,abused our rights as Canadian citizens and actively participates and embraces outside influences that do not have Canadians best interests in mind.
    We need to purge ourselves of this man and every one of his silent accomplices.
    Standing by silently does not absolve them of their responsibility to our country and ALL of it citizens.
    Talk talk and talk some more. In the grocery store, Walmart, gas stations and anywhere else.
    Blame Trudeau for the prices of things and end it by saying we have to do better next election because no one could be worse than Trudeau.
    People follow. No aggression or anger just disappointed and disgust.

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