Elections in Taiwan, ruling party suffers massive defeat

Elections in Taiwan, ruling party suffers massive defeat
The Duran: Episode 1448



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  1. Zero Covid is about preventing massive spread of the disease. The only way to do this is through lockdowns.

    Vaccines do not prevent infections, no matter if they’re mRNA or the traditional type. Vaccines serve one purpose only: to prevent death and hospitalization .

    Chinese vaccines are perfectly fine in this regard.

    Western media are making a mountain out of a mole hill. They're overblowing everything.

    The protests are few in number, and the numbers of protesters are quite small compared to the total population of China. Xi's government is perfectly secure. Support remains strong. There is no movement to overthrow the government.

    Are some people angry at the zero Covid policy? Of course. Everybody understands their frustration. But most Chinese also understand that zero Covid saves lives and prevents an outbreak from exploding into an epidemic. The danger of an epidemic is that it will overwhelm China's health services and lead to many deaths.

    A peer-reviewed article in Nature Medicine Journal from Fudan University determined that without the zero Covid policy, China could have 1.55 million Covid deaths.

  2. Re the Chinese zero-covid policy:

    Yeah, the virus is basically endemic everywhere else by now, with natural immunity becoming prevalent, especially with the rapid spread of the much less dangerous Omicron varients. So it seems pretty obvious by now that the sensible policy would be to focus on theraputic treatments (such a general availability of monoclonal antibodies), stop the lockdowns, and let natural immunity develop with the circulation of the virus. I think the Chinese should really cut their ties with the poisonous WEF and its Western oligarchs.

    I also hope Chinese leadership has the wisdom to realize that there is no disgrace in listening to the demands of their population, and that while making mistakes is regrettable, an inability to admit a mistake is far more regrettable.

    Oh, and with regards to the Taiwanese election results, bravo and I've tried to suggest (through youtube comments, lol) in the past that securing a friendly government in Taiwan should surely not be beyond China's "soft power" influence and ability, and surely such a route, whereby an opposed military invasion can be avoided, is the far more sensible path to reunification.
    Obvious, I know, but I just couldn't figure out why, with all their money and soft power, China was having to resort to threats of military invasion. Not that I'm claiming the election result might be illegitimate or that China meddled in that election or anything like that. But, even if they did, surely that's still preferable to a potential NATO vs China conflict over Taiwan, no? Anyway… 😆


  3. A John Hopkins survey of Taiwanese a few years ago determined that c. 80% of respondants were satisfied with the status quo relationship with PRC. They largely rejected independence even prior to the Ukraine conflict. The have voted for stability and against US manipulation of Taiwanese politics.

  4. China probably knew this will happen which was why they didn't raise too much ruckus when US and Pelosi insulted them. I don't think they will allow an election in Taiwan where independence movement party are winning, which will create a PR problem for them if they decide to forcibly reunite with Taiwan.

  5. Taiwan, like Japan, is an island with limited natural resources. A free trade route is of prime importance for her security. Thus China does not need to wage a kinetic war against TW. A mere announcement (not actual) of a naval blockade would bring TW to its knees for no merchant ship can get insurance without a prohibitive premium, if at all. Thus all these talk of amphibious assault on the island by China is just a myth. One can see the successful lobbying work of arms manufacturers.

  6. Your tepid "admonishment" of the satanic chinese communists' program of horrible movement restrictions seems to further demonstrate your unreliability in offering Truthful views of the situation for chinese people.

    I hope that you face the conditions that they do someday with all of its horrors until you begin to speak out with Truth against it.

  7. This is fake news, everyone knows China leadership is HIGHEST iQ and they understand that Taiwan wants zero covid policy also. Taiwan can't wait to go under lockdown and theat they want to be welded in there homes not to mention a majority of them can't wait to visit the luxurious camps

  8. Alexander Murcouris (and Brian Berletic, if I may add) are no experts on "China". In fact, they are so poor in their assessments that they are laughable and actually hurt the movements.

    BTW, there is a lot of friction between Russia and China and as is there between India and China.

    Thumbs donw

  9. Another misjudgment about China’s CPC. Unlike the west, ego is last thing here. To the CPC when there are chinese unhappiness over certain issues, and if they’re being recognised as untenable, the CPC will change it. It’s all over newspaper in China. The step taken now is to get the elderly vaccinated. The third jab for elderly is only up to 35%. Once they hit a comfortable number then they will adopt a more open model. China’s CPC will not just keep to what they are doing because of ego or neither will they simply open up without making sure that it’s citizens, both young and elderly are safe. Expert are expecting the exercise to complete by first quarter of next year and will likely adopt the Hong Kong model after that. It’s not whether it’s right or wrong. It’s never as clear cut as that. China may have 1.5 billion population but everyone’s welfare is the concern of the CPC. Unlike the west especially USA and most it’s Anglo Saxon members who fought 50 wars since WW2, every life is precious. Most important unlike the west, CPC is not only serving a small portion of the population and use the rest only to get into power unlike the democracy system practiced in the west. They, CPC are there because they are competent through meritocracy not because of their rhetoric and narrative. Can’t blame you gentlemen as you don’t read Chinese.

  10. Taiwanese people are hopefully smarter than Ukrainians who let themselves be feed into a proxy war wood chipper. Unlike Ukraine, Taiwan is not known as the corruptest country in the world and they've been living with the tiger and elephants for almost a hundred years and managed to squeeze out a flourishing economy. They know how to play the game.

  11. It is patently ridiculous to say that the lockdown measures in China have failed… They have, by all measures, prevented hundreds of thousands and more likely more than a million deaths. Even the New York Post wrote that it is estimated that between a 1 million and 1.5 million people were most likely saved by the lockdown. If you take the same percentage of deaths percentage wise as what occurred in the US, almost 5 million people would have died. Alexander I understand that you are anti lockdowns and you have the right to your opinion, but try and remain objective when discussing lockdowns if you can please.

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