Elon Exposes Deepstate ReeEEeE Stream 12-04-22



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  1. You can also report their websites and FB pages for kiddy poor and child endangerment, contact the building owner because they probably don’t know, call in FDA inspections, call ATF on them, go after their liquor license for having drinking around kids, can also claim you saw a kid drinking a beer anonymously. You can literally burn it down without breaking the law. Maybe bending it a little but not breaking it.

  2. First off, who names their fucking kid Yoel???? No big mystery about the Philly shooting, happens daily, probably was the explanation you gave. All this shit started when they took away the right to punish your kid. I call this generation the "Look at me generation", participation trophies all round, and never wasn't able to sit from the ass whooping you got from your parents. These "people" grew up with no consequences, it was "time outs", well "time outs" don't teach a lesson, they teach insubordination.

  3. If there's one thing I learned in school from bullies, and from History, is that violence solved EVERYTHING.

    Top 3 most common lies,
    1) Violence never solved anything
    2) All policeman and doctors can be trusted
    3) Diversity is our strength
    Everything they ever told you is a lie that just hasn't been revealed to you yet

  4. They should ask themselves why they believe putting the names of our censors out there for everyone might be "dangerous". Why? Is it possible because what they are doing is wrong and harmful? Could it be that people might seek revenge because what was done against them was inexcusable? And if that is the case, maybe some kind of justice should be carried out against these censors? We have a criminal justice system, it should be acting on behalf of the people to defend our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. But if that system will not fulfill its rightful obligations, maybe that is another subconscious fear that the people they censor might catch onto that. And if we catch onto that, there might be real hell to pay. Tyrants, on some level, realize they are walking on a very slippery catwalk that can end in disaster for them.

    I am a Christian of the Reformation, I believe vengeance belongs to the Lord, and I happily give up my right to vengeance based on that fact. I realize whatever God has in store for these people is far worse than anything I can dream up, and I regularly pray for justice to be had. If that justice is in the form of their repentance and salvation, I will take it, but there also needs to be payment for lawlessness. But if justice comes in the form of eternal damnation, so be it.

  5. The lgbtqlmnop set ups are in the Carolinas now🤦‍♀️. The North Carolina demons actually put people in harms way by sabotaging 2 electric stations causing power outages for alot of people due to an event held by that group. Then a local fish restaurant held a luncheon for them and Myrtle Beach mayor Bafoon sent the cops over for a bomb threat hoax🤦‍♀️. Mr. Fish has just lost a lot of business for getting involved with this mess.

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