Elon Musk Is WORRIED He Was Vaccine Injured!

Like many people who dutifully fell in line and got the COVID vaccine as soon as it was available, Elon Musk is revisiting that decision and wondering if he made a mistake. Not only did he suffer a debilitating reaction that lasted for days to one of the shots, but now he’s wondering what the long-term effects of the lightly tested mRNA vaccine might be.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the shifting narrative on the COVID vaccine evinced by Musk’s apprehension.

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  1. Luckily I was offered the Astra Zeneca , and my family had the OPTION of getting Sinopharm , Astra Zeneca and J&J , and also Pfizer.

    I am distraught that my daughter can only get the Pfizer or nothing . The Monopoly Pfizer has on pediatric vaccines is ANTI-SCIENCE !

    Sinopharm has tested both safer and more effective in kids.

    Countries are required to DEFY WHO , and listen to the SCIENCE , to give their minors the Sinopharm.

    So far only 2 countries have done so : Argentina and Bahrain .
    And the Data from those two countries corroborate the literature saying that Sinopharm is the best vaccine for minors !

  2. I received one dose of Moderna vaccine and my blood pressure shot up, literally within minutes. I was on my way to my doctor's appointment when I stopped to get vaccinated. My doctor was shocked when she saw how high my BP was. We monitored it for a few days and when my BP wasn't going down, she put me on a high BP meds. Needed to get a Lasix too. A year and a half later still fighting it. I am done with vaccines!

  3. Saw an old friend last night. He had a cold. Said he'd a booster in early December and that evening passed out at home. He's been sick ever. Since. Tested positive for covid 4 times and had every cold and cough going round. He believes the jabs have destroyed his immune system. He's a great guy. Ex police sergeant. I'm worried for him. 😐

  4. I was just in a group on facebook where I simply asked if anyone has the statistics for myocarditis deaths from 1980 to 2020 and then the stats again from 2021 (when the vaccines came out) to today in order to compare them. I knew what was coming so I even included in my comment that name calling isn't an argument. Boy was I prophetic…

    I was viciously attacked and some idiot even went as far as joyfully admitting that he usually calls people like me "fascists", among other logical fallacies.

    For example he made the point that just because correlation does not equal causation on some silly thing (let's say I ate beans and a plane fell, that doesn't mean that every time I eat beans planes fall – that's my example, his was equally silly) then NO correlation equals causation no matter what. That was his genius take.

    So questioning the narrative and asking medical questions makes you a FASCIST, while accepting the narrative blindly, means you're an intelligent person.

    Needless to say, none of them had the numbers.



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