Emergencies Act Judge Caves to Public Pressure on Trudeau’s Advanced Verdict Submission in Secret

Justin Trudeau’s cabinet will not be getting an advanced copy of the verdict of the POEC. The news media is reporting this as an extension of the deadline, but they are not telling the whole story. The Feb 6th deadline to submit to the order in council is not in the act it’s self, but was put there at the recommendation of the Prime Minister.
Public outcry put pressure on the commissioner to change the date of release to the statutory date of Feb 23rd for all of the public to see.



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  1. Turdeau's idea of transparency is always in secret for his eyes only. And how he pick his Uncle to be the Judge stunk soooo bad. All so he can control the narrative and keep Canadians in the dark to his nefarious doings. Which will always makes it bad for the Canadian people.

  2. There are so many levels of corruption and incompetence in the Canadian government and judicial system, something which was made perfectly obvious during the hearings. In my opinion, there is no chance that this report will have any relationship to truth.

  3. Their not satisfied with the outcome, it's not to their satisfaction yet, they need to persuade some to turn their beliefs around to fit Trudeau's evoking the EMERGENCY ACT, IT HAS TO FIT, they better remember that this goes down in history and if they want their children to learn how their parents used war tactics on the people, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, 💯👺🐂🤬👺💯

  4. It is astounding to me how easily the events of this past year could have altogether been avoided if Justin Trudeau would have had the intestinal fortitude to meet and talk with the people who were standing up for our freedoms.This man is devoid of any qualities that define us as a people who have a God given RIGHT to freedom of thought,freedom of speech,and freedom to use those gifts,no matter who we are!

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