Even MORE Biden Docs; Garland Appoints Special Prosecutor; Twitter Files 14 on RussiaGate Hoax


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U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appoints Special Prosecutor Robert Hur to investigate Biden’s multiple potential criminal violations. We reconstruct the Biden Confidential Documents timeline and listen to Biden and Karine Jean Pierre try to explain. Kevin McCarthy has a mic-drop moment with the press and he compares and contrasts the standards.

#BidenDocuments #Irresponsible #SpecialProsecutor

Matt Taibbi releases Twitter Files 13 which covers the creation of the RussiaGate hoax that was utilized against Trump and Republicans across America. Full thread read through. Follow Matt Taibbi on Twitter at

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  1. Never forget it was a big joke when Hillary stole top-secret documents from the government and put it on her private, unprotected server for the world to hack. Then it was another big joke that when Hillary was under investigation by her corrupt supporters at the FBI and DOJ, and she destroyed 33,000 pieces of evidence that Congress ordered preserved.

  2. the Independent Council individual Garland appointed is so independent who without seeing documemts was quoted saying it was nothing – we have a VP who took Classified document and had no legal right as a President to declassify records- the Ameican people who care about the facts have see the corruption of the media, high tech and Government leaders under the Obama and Biden Administration

  3. So many people put obstacles in front of Trump before he ever took office. The fact that they thought they could screw him and Gen Flynn and others supporting Trump is despicable. Biden and his group have lied, and misrepresented everything they say they do in the wh. As far as the old Congress, we need to have audits of their Financials. They were demanding of Trump, now it's their turn to be audited.

  4. I think they're using Biden as a pawn to press their agenda because they will try blaming this on his disintegrating mental/ memory capacity?… I hope they do not let him have freebies because of this… justice needs to be equal. We, The People, are watching and listening. Many brilliant minds are watching. Everyone involved in this should also be indicted.

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