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  1. The un/eu/wef/who/global cabal/nwo puppet Gov'ts, are making all 1st & 2nd nations minorities in almost every country, while also financing & prioritizing invading islamic armies into almost every country, for conflict & the replacement of culture, religion & population.

    Action is well overdue & so is our reaching out to 1st Nation groups to show them that 'we the people' don't think like the political system of the 200+yrs.

    That we will connect with, support & protect 1st nation & 2nd nation people who don't betray themselves & their people.

    If we now know that regardless of what our federal, state & local Gov'ts said they did & still do for 1st Nations, most if not all were concealing that they never stopped targeted them in ways that continue to result in the breaking up of families & destruction of communities increasing social & financial distress that leads to their young hating us, as if we knew what was happening.

    I know now but I'm old, fat, weary & worn out. Had I known all this when I was younger, I could have applied my strength, agility & time to bringing down the system that's harming theirs, as it is ours.

    When we all discover these truths, we need to act upon them. We've all been tools by head down bum up, trying desperately to meet the ever increasing bills, fees, levies & taxes for what? A temporary stay of execution, from what are stolen Gov'ts that have been returned to the self-titled, elites.

    How stuck are we, in this awful system? If we know all the ugly truths surrounding it, would we fight for a future where there is no global cabal, if it means giving our life to the cause?

    Which hill if any, will we die on, or will we live a little longer, suffering on our knees?

    We need to act & my time left on this planet is rapidly running out for big changes to take place.

    Be the change we want to see.
    There are only 2 genders.
    Where a Dad & Mum share close supervision & guidance of their children each day for healthy & normal learning, caring & playing, it results in healthy strong life skills, bonds of love & respect for each other & our creator, God.

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