Exploring the Long-Term Implications for the Economy, Population, Natural Resources, and Debt

In this thought-provoking video, we delve into the reasons why exponential growth, whether it be in the economy, population, natural resource usage, or debt, can have negative long-term consequences. We explore the impact of exponential growth on our planet and its limited resources, and why it’s crucial to take a closer look at this issue. Join us as we examine the implications of exponential growth and the importance of sustainability for the future of our planet.

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Written by Peak Prosperity

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  1. Chris. Long time follower of your works (cannot afford all the subscriptions I would like to have, so do not subscribe to your site, but catch all the videos and am waiting for your updated book). Look at the losses per mile of grid transmission of electrical power. It will simply blow your mind! And how they really work. E.g., New Mexico or Kansas, or wherever, push power into the grid for the next state, etc., all the way to the West Coast so that Californians do not die in excessive numbers from the local air pollution. But children in Durango, Colorado have more respiratory disease than they did before the Navajo Power Plant in NW New Mexico was built. We are talking on measurable percentage per mile transmission losses. So NW New Mexico pushes power into eastern Arizona while central and western Arizona push power into California. There is a similar grid that pushes power east into NY and New England. There is a formal name for all this too: complex systems. Do something here, it has consequences there that are really hard to figure out ahead of time.

  2. I mean. nuclear exists. and increases in technology have historically always occurred along with energy density improvements and other efficiencies.

    what needs to happen is commitment to safe secure nuclear for that ~25 years talking point. and commit to using a portion of that energy surplus to develop even safer cleaner options moving forward.

    the problem is that the US has been consuming all its own surplus, or spending it on things that didn't reinvest in itself or humanity. if you're not spending your surplus now to create a situation of even more surplus in the future, then you're going to run out of surplus.

  3. What's the actual energy return from using fossil fuels for industrial use?
    For example, internal combustion engines only convert no more than 25% of fuel and rest is waste while in Tesla (not sure if it is the same rate for other EVs) I believe the energy conversion is around 90%.
    I think clean energy use would be much more efficient but the tech and ROI and nowhere near yet to make it feasible.

  4. I don't understand how the population is growing rapidly, I thought everyone was having less kids like my dad his family I think were 16 kids and then he had four kids and I had two kids and I see a lot of people just having one or none so it's confusing to hear the statistics of the populations growing I thought it would be declining

  5. Just keep in mind that besides solar and wind (which have become far more efficient & less costly in producing energy), we have untapped renewables such as wave and tidal power. We also have a developing geothermal technology that doesn't need volcanoes as a heat source and taps the natural heat 5 miles below the Earth's surface just about anywhere. Also, going back to solar and wind, more solar technologies built into building materials like paints and roof shingles, as well as compact wind turbine technologies that don't use big blades, could provide a lot more solar and wind energy. There are also utility-scale batteries that can store renewable energy for use when needed.

    As far as copper needed, as Chris pointed out. We're going to have to produce and recycle all the copper we can and perhaps explore other metals as substitutes for copper.

  6. The time required for transition of energy has no reason why it has to be following coal to oil. Why? Because the technology difference is different. The awakening on the corporation blackmail of the world was still a conspiracy theory in the past.
    Chris, you forget that the solution we need is not just changing energy source but we need to adopt 'enough' mentality and accept growth, contraction instead of the indefinite growth. We have the technologies to reduce energy usage, efficiency but people are still distracted by CO2, climate 'emergency' because of the corrupt governments. People are obsessed with this distraction to blame it as a conspiracy by the governments and continue sit on their hands, refusing to make the change just because the govts are corrupt.
    The change is necessary. What the govts are pushing are just kicking the bucket down and not solving the impending problems. But the real solution is available and needs people to change from ground up just like we have pushed for the change in this covid plandemic, change from ground up.
    We need to reduce waste; accept 'enough' growth; make economy work for people and not people working for the economy. Necessary changes has never been effected from top down. It's always the people who effect the changes, bottom up.
    Instead of looking at history and saying it cannot be done, we need to acknowledge the many once impossible that have been made possible.

  7. How do you know that, "it can be done" ?
    You might say, "Well, what's the alternative?"
    Well, one alternative to that energy transition, is a cataclysm.
    You can well understand why it makes sense to 'be rid of' the great majority of humans, leaving behind only those that really matter. And, this is the 'solution' that has been chosen, I think.

  8. Awesome presentation!!! I'm building something that efficiently addresses the primary issue of energy. I think I'll be able to live MORE comfortably with all modern conveniences on 1/10th the energy budget. Most of that energy will come from reliable, renewable and readily available/limitless sources. I'm not inventing anything…just using some forgotten/ignored conventional wisdom.

  9. You MUST be in attendance to Jordan Peterson’s October meeting in London. To even consider a gathering of individuals to offer the world an alternative to what the WEF has planned and implemented, without your presence, is pointless. The width and depth of your knowledge and grasp of the three E’s is paramount to any hope we have.

  10. <<Thanks for the update and keep doing what you do. My journey in the current market has taught me a lot of lessons, at the top of that list is that it never pays to live above one's means. I have managed to grow a nest egg of around $600k to a decent 7 figures in the space of a few months. Sad to say but a lot of us have poor money management skills. My 2 cents -get an advisor to keep you accountable and aid you make better decisions, Linda Wilburn has been helping me a lot, all through my journey. I find it better to pay a little bit more for peace of mind than worry about money or market trends and still get >burned.

  11. Chris these is no way the World is going to transision off fossil fuels What is going to happen is a collapse in Oil production that is going to bring the global economy into a collapse. Oil = farms, solar panels, wind turbines, cement (hydro), mining, distribution of food, medicine, etc.

    Global Oil peaked int 2018 and is already down about 8% from the peak. The declines should begin to accelerate soon as the US shale play enter terminal decline as well as many of the large Middle east Oil fields that have been in production for more than 50 years.

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