EXPOSED: Pentagon Has SECRET Plan For WAR With Iran | Counter Points

Ryan and Emily break new reporting from Ken Klippenstein exposing a secret plan the Pentagon came up with for war with Iran as the US and hawkish Middle East allies continue pushing us closer to the brink.

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  1. Stop the presses! Folks, the Pentagon's Joint Staff J5's job is to propose strategies, plans, and policy recommendations for potential future threats. They have entire planning teams whose sole function is to come up with operational plans should any number of situations occur and they do this ahead of time. That is nothing new nor earth shattering.

  2. People tend to forget the BEST PROPERGANDA IS THE TRUTH. There is a tendency to view Properganda as lies, but that is rarely the case. Most times it is the spin that is the properganda not the actual facts. Thus when the US hits a target and civilians are killed, anti American properganda points out how heartless is the Americans for killing such civilians, while pro American properganda calls the civilians "Collateral damage" caused by the "Enemy" hiding among such civilians.
    Notice the actual fact is the same in both statements, Civilians were killed in an attempt to kill the "Enemy". Everyone does this for the truth is the best properganda you just have to spin it in your favor.
    The classic example of this is Kayla Forest where Stalin had Polish officers being held as POWs killed. When the area came under Nazi Control after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, nothing happened at first. In the second year of occupation the Nazis found the camp and the bodies and made a huge properganda campaign about how the Soviets massacred those officers. Stalin denied this and later when the camp, fell back under Soviet Control, the Soviet redug up the camp to show it was the Nazis who did it.
    Notice the Nazis stayed with the truth for it favored them, the Soviets lied for they had to cover up that crime (Under Putin, the Russian Federation admitted to the massacred and even permitted the Poles to put up a memorial to the killed at the camp).
    The Soviets did the same with the death camps, whenever the Soviets liberated a death camp the Soviets showed them off to the world. Western reporters wrote those reports off as properganda till the US forces liberated German Concentration Camps and found out how bad those camp were. The Soviets and survivors then told the Western Allies while the Concentration Camps were bad, the Death Camps were worse.
    When the Soviets first reported the Death Camps the Nazis denounced those claims as 'Properganda" and lies. In many ways what the Soviets reported as to the death Camps were properganda but it was the best type of properganda, the truth. Just like the Nazi properganda about the Kayla Forest was also the best type of properganda, again it was the truth.

  3. middle east its their natural sphere of influence, since antiquity since first Persian Empire you have no right to be antagonistic to their interest and go around arm radical Sunni

    i think you have misplaced sense of entitlement to be the dominant power in their neighborhood and think they are the problem because they not simply roll over like arabs do

    Iranian are ancient proud people they were the first world superpower and revived it three-time last time was Safavid Empire

    iran literally means land of Aryan and they are extremely opposed to outside power that's why not roman Empire not ottoman Empire and not American Empire could subjugate them the only problem here is unlike roman and ottoman that learned to live with Persians and respect them as equal you want to dominate them and that would never be going to happen.

    remember emperor valerian defeated and captured by Iranian and used as footstool for king of kings shapur I

  4. It’s obvious the world is transitioning to renewable energy and electric vehicles. I don’t not know why the US government has a hard on for Iran. We are the ones who turned it into a theocracy by overthrowing their democratically elected Prime Minister in the 1950s we replaced him with the shah. Country fell into shambles, and was overtaken by the radical theocrats.

  5. This is nonsense. The Pentagon has "secret plan" for war almost every strategically important country / region of the world. Preparing these scenarios is literally their job. What are they supposed to tell the commander in chief if he/she asks for a war plan for such and such a strategic country / region? "Oh, we never got around to planning a scenario for that". Really? Whether or not the CIC plans to do anything or not you have to do your job. Come on people. Get a clue.

  6. Someone help me out – is this accurate? ( Honest question, not trying to start an argument. )

    "In its more than 240 year history, there have only been 16 years in which the US was not at war. From the end of WW2 to 2001, the US has started 201 of the 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations, accounting for over 80 percent of total wars fought. In only the last 20 years, wars and military operations by the US have claimed more than 800,000 lives and displaced tens of millions of people."

  7. This is such a dumb story… how can you claim to be a decently educated and informed person and not know that the Pentagon has detailed contingency plans for damn near everything…? Who is shocked by this? What story next… U.S. has war plans for North Korea and China er ma gawg who wudda known!?

  8. Emily, your constant disdain , snide comments you think are so funny at Ryan's expense show what kind of a person you are. Feels like CBS , or fox . I dont like it , and it destroys the environment Saagar and Krystal have created here, You need to shut your nasty hole and realize, your not why many of us are here, Ryan is.

  9. I think the only new aspect is that they have apparently outsourced the decision to Israel. Basically saying you can attack whenever you want and the US is so subservient, they'll just jump in afterwords. But without the deal and enhanced inspections, there is no way to know what they have and if they already have one. Russia's offer to help makes it even murkier.

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