Falsely Labelled a Domestic Terrorist: Mike Glover Tells His Story

Taken from JRE #1931 w/Mike Glover:

Written by PowerfulJRE

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  1. I mean it depends which side your on in the states cause to the right he’s a hero and to the left he’s dangerous! He even admits that some of the left policies he would not agree with where the triggers to start his group fighting…. So to the 50% of Americans that are left he’s a terrorist… I mean did Afghanistan think osama bin laden was a terrorist no cause he was on there side….

  2. This is the problem with the American Political/Justice system. Mike is now, "Guilty until Proven Innocent" A government would take a decorated veteran, former Green Beret, and loves his country, would be labeled a Domestic Terrorist with no excuse whatsoever. Absolutely ridiculous and disgusting!! Mike is an amazing man and leader and the FBI's actions are just backwards and unrefined!

  3. American guvment WANTS citizens dumb/easy to manipulate and order around = THE BORDER jumpers they're letting in here RIGHT NOW!! They'll jump when guvment says to AND THEY'LL VOTE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS once they're allowed to VOTE. ALL THIS happening as we Fk'n SPEAK but "likes" are more valuable to kids than their rights or defending themselves from guvment control.

  4. How is none of this considered an infringement on his civil rights? Is there no court you could bring this complaint to as a citizen that will hear it as such? The loss of income and opportunity because of this "mischaracterization" is very real, and the effects are well documented. Absolutely insane

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