Farage EXPOSES new push for cashless society.

From September 11th Nat West Bank will be limiting the amount of cash that you can deposit and withdraw.

They also have the right to refuse cash and even cheques on any basis in their new terms & conditions.

The banks are trying to force a cashless society upon us!

Written by Nigel Farage

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  1. Cash is king and I don't want every transaction I mate to be tracked I thought other people to know what I am buying I'm being told what I can buy and what I can't buy when I can buy it and if I can buy it because that's exactly what the plan is you'll be happy and I'm nothing it is a very bad thing unless you want every transaction to be transaction to be tracked by the government and God knows who else keep cash I'm trying not to use contactless as much as possible and only using independent businesses not big supermarkets boycotting all these big ones companies billions well small businesses go down the pan I'll keep cash thanks I'll find another method but I am not going digital forget it

  2. when private financial institutions and corporations wield more power and influence over our parliament , our lives and culture outside the boundaries of our common-law constitution etc then we are no longer living in a democracy where power and change is supposed to reside resolutely with the people and within the boundaries of our common-law constitution, rule of law.

  3. yer im so gutted now that natwest have lowered the amount you can take out of a cash point is £750 and £20.000 in the bank.if only i had that amount.what is it with all these fake scare mungering videos on you tube i for one am bored to the back teeth of them

  4. The solution is in the people: starting to use other ways of payment, such as you paint my wall and I fix your car…as an example.

    Also it is suspicious how they talked shit about Crypto, and now they are thinking how to control it as well.

    You better run!

  5. Its all been planned right from the start covid was just a smoke screen to destroy small and medium sized business and put working class and middle class families in massive amounts of debt for Generations to come never trust any government its only a organisation that supports only the wealthy people in society and over the next few years the global world will see the biggest global financial economy crash in human history since 1929 all planned towards a one world digital currency CBDC 2030 & its all to track you ? The government's want you to own nothing and be happy

  6. Thank you so much for what you are doing for all us people who are voiceless .You have my admiration We feel so powerless . Im frightened how powerful they are with our money ,we seem to have No choice. .Anything you can do will be a bonus .I am rooting for you . Always have I happen to think you are Amazing . I will be praying for Success .Good Luck .Regards Susan

  7. Firstly you need to have your weetabix (paid with cash) and then DE-BANK FROM NATWEST and MOVE ELSEWHERE!!! EM MASSE. Important. I got rid of Natwest around 20 years ago, they were a crap bank then, and have gotten worse it appears. Laziness of not moving is the only thing keeping them going. Get up, get out, close your account.

  8. Word of Promise App
    16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,
    17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.
    Revelation 13:16-18 NKJV

    The removal of cash worldwide will happen, Australia main banks already stop this along with a lot of other nations. The main reason is CONTROL for the end of this age is coming to a end. You have also CBDC coming into effect where everything will have a digital value therefore a house van be removed from you in the flick of a switch, A.I tech which will render close to 2 billion jobs worldwide and also this same tech will be used for the image of the beast… You have also W.HO and U.N under writing laws for misinformation and complete control over free speech and Internet along with the world economic banking system… Already in India they have been gathering all bio metrics for the last 10yrs and in a lot of African nations as well, all of us will get a digital number linking health, banking and social media/ credit scoring and with A.I as the computing driving force which will govern in the eyes of the beast….

    As it was in the days of Lot…
    As it was in the days of Noah..

    But before the coming of Faithful and True comes the antichrist and false prophet… And the world is being stitched up to receive him– considering the evil already present where truth is trampled under foot and people can no longer tell the difference between male or female… It's going to get a lot darker and the god of this age satan will look to destroy those who are no longer of this world and anyone else who opposes him…

    My advice… FEAR THE ONE WHO CAN DESTROY BOTH BODY AND SOUL.. Fear God and put your trust in Jesus while there is still time to repent and believe the gospel cause you only have to look around at the evil on display which no longer mask itself but is on full display for all to see… John 3 verse 16 -30 😊

  9. Well Sweden already cashless society, I can spend 5p on my card….there is still cash but it is very rarely used, can pay by phone for a coffee or even a candy….this has been so for many years now.I recently was given about £50 in cash and was literally the first time I handled cash in at least 3 years.

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