Farage sends warning to UK Conservative Party

Farage sends warning to UK Conservative Party
The Duran: Episode 1443



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  1. You really seem to love Farage, but I really cannot trust this grifter, described reasonably as a "Poundshop Enoch Powell".
    The issue around the Tories and Brexit is really about trying to square the circle – and you never discuss the Irish border and the growth of demand for independence in Scotland in this regard.
    As to Hunt (of whom I am not a fan), are we to assume that no one who supported remain can ever be allowed into a Conservative cabinet again? If so, the shockingly poor pool of talent they can draw from becomes even more obvious and self limiting.
    And Brexit having no effect on the current problems in the British economy? You have a seriously English rather than British take on this, but even so this really isn't so clear – it has an effect, efen if you don't want to acknowledge it. In the longer term it might even be beneficial, but for now the shock of Brexit is definitely hurting.
    If you take elite shops and the Telegraph as your sources then what should I expect? Neither right nor left? Not so sure.

  2. 7 million waiting for a hospital appointment and peacocking politicians only care about ideological 'net zero' targets. I'll be voting Reform if only to send a message to the politicians of both major parties that their time is up, and the WEF are not welcome.

  3. I really think the Tory party I'd done.
    At least for the next 8 it years.
    At the next election I can see it going down to 20 seats and they did it to themselves?
    Can't wait to watch it happen.
    That will be the revenge for the
    Coal miners
    Steel works
    Liverpool population
    The 96
    The homeless
    The destitute

  4. You are forgetting to mention that Farage is at the centre of the GB News outlet. He presents the news at 7pm every Mon-Thurs. This is starting to gain tremendous support especially with talented commentators like Mark Steyn, Neil Oliver and the rest of the crew. They were the first to cover the vaccine hoax and interview victims which has been totally ignored and covered up by the other msm channels.

  5. Farage ran for parliament seven times without success. He has zero chance of getting significant numbers of people elected from a new party. As far as I remember the only MPs UKIP had were defectors. The only reason he had success in the referendum was because the Brexit cause had backers in the media. He was given huge amounts of air time by the BBC (despite he and his party being irrelevant) . Your Corbyn bashing is also inaccurate but that's a different story. (Incidentally I voted for Brexit, I am not being partisan, just honest).

  6. Actually Alex there are Four Ukraine's !!
    1) The Ukranian Armed Forces ! Training and health and needs are the Top Priority of the West. This is the core group (including neo-Nazis) which is helping NATO to conduct its Proxy War against Russia and undermine Russian power. Therefore, Uniforms & winter clothing, Food, Fuel, Ammo, Arms, Training for this group are top priority. DIRECT Highly Motivated Support by the West, without any corruption. Because they know this Group is precious for Western geopolitical aims of defeating Russia and doing regime change eventually.
    2) The bureaucrats and those associated with Western aid supplying groups.. the civilian agents of the West in Ukraine.. they too are high priority.. well fed living in best localities.. little impact of War.
    3) Elites who have emigrated abroad with connivance or with help of foreign relatives or based on personal wealth. They too are safe and sound.
    4) It is the fourth group who are bearing the brunt of the Conflict. Poor with dropped incomes unable to provide for food or shelter needs in the Winter. They are the most impacted but least cared for.. because they are unimportant for Anti-Russian goals of the West.
    So the Winter is having dramatically different impacts on the different groups of Ukraine. Rest assured the Army will be in top condition.
    But as far as the last group is concerned it will be a great great magnanimous gesture by Russia, if Russia donates $200million to the Roman Catholic Church charity working in Ukraine to provide basic food and warmth capacity in Ukraine. Conflict will be fought by Russia on a parallel dimension, but civilian tragedies of both sides are also a big concern for Russia. They will be cared for and ameliorated too.

  7. Competition Games on between Boris Johnson and Ben Wallace for NATO Secretary General???
    Ben is doing a very good job tracking the Ukraine conflict proactively.. plugging the needs and anticipating the necessary Escalations needed.. and keeping arms supply pipelines packed, managing training capacities and sending the special forces for deep sabotage operations costing Russia heavily.
    So possibly it will be Johnson !!

  8. Lads you forgot to include money printing in the list of causes for the state of the UK economy…. basically if you ask a labour party supporter for the reasons behind this looming disaster they'll tell you it's all Brexit and their Tory counter parts will point to the Lock in/up…some analysts from left to right will point to the money printing but are ignored by the MSM…..the vast majority though are either totally ignorant of or in denial of what is in effect the straw that has broken the camels back namely this Ukrainian caper 🤷

  9. 11.43 : "why is it so difficult for the UK for being a parliamentary system ? " . Good question Alex.

    Answer : the people of the UK do not have "one man – one vote " . A major proportion of the votes do not count . The fundamental flaw lies in the electoral system .

    Example : if in the general elections 10 percent vote for party x , not one constituency will be won , not one seat in parliament will be taken .
    In a "one man-one vote" system however , that party x would get 10 percent of the seats . Simpel .

    The fundamentally flawed electoral system produces a parliament which is not a true representation of the people . That's not what a democracy is supposed to be .

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