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Farmer Tractor Convoy Comes to Parliament House

A strong contingent of Victorian farmers made the long distance trek to Parliament House in Melbourne with 45 Tractors to voice their displeasure with the Daniel Andrews Labor government over a controversial project to run renewable energy power towers/lines through their prime agricultural land and farming properties.

I spoke to some of the farmers that were present, and included their thoughts and concerns in this highlight video, alongside some of the comments made by activists and politicians that were present at the protest in Melbourne today.

Written by Rukshan Fernando

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  1. The greens were overrun by communists with the fall of the ACP about the early 1990s. Since then they have no longer stood for the environment but they use the worst environmental policies to hit the country like a cudgel to bring in their marxist utopia.

    Renewables are not any sort of renewable, they are not reliable and they only move the pollution from one area to another and one type to another (more pollution at the manufacturing point and more visual/noise pollution as the installation points). We need this madness to do with destroying our power grids while at the same time we have large multinational corporations profit from these. We already know that it is in the financial bottom line for companies to profit by forcibly closing coal fired power stations but there is no protection of the grid from such sabotage.

  2. This really is heart breaking, even in the 70's in Qld when the Government owned electricity, they just rocked up one day and picked our farm ( farms around us were not affected )and we tried to fight it, but 4 huge power lines and transformer was put on our property, not only did it stop us from using the land underneath for cultivation, but it devalued our land, Dad was only compensated $5000. Now it's big corporations who seem to have more power than our own government.
    If people want to keep enjoying the great quality of fruit and veges that only comes from Aussie Farms, then they would be wise to start supporting farmers, instead of being led to believe that Cow Farts are the cause of Global warming šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø or be prepared for all food imported from countries that are not up to the standards we have all been accustomed to. If city folk want renewable energy, and demand every one go vegetarian, yet are happy to allow solar and wind farms, then consider the amt of wild life, Birds, insects, mammals, you name it are Killed in the process, and stop blaming Cattle, sheep etc,. Like my dad would say, They are Vegetarian,( Cows) all they Need is Grass. šŸ˜‚

  3. We need to forget this so called green energy. We should build new clean coal fired power stations. We also have heaps of gas. Which is the cleanest form of energy we have. Stop this green nonsense now. Letā€™s stand up together Australia, against the government and the U.N.

  4. My dad is a farmer and Iā€™m from regional Victoria so to see these people supporting farmers and the important work they do in good. The agricultural sector in government needs to do better. How do they expect farmers to trust labor when they are never consulted about anything labor wants to do? Before you make policies, survey the people.

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