FBI Collecting Americans’ DNA At Same Rate As CHINA, Budget EXPANDING To Add To 21M+ Samples: Report

The Intercept reporter Ken Klippenstein weighs in on his recent reporting the FBI has collected 27.1 million DNA profiles. #China #fbi

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Written by The Hill

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  1. Any insight into the collection of Facial Recognition data by the US government? Do they have similar tech monitoring programs to the Chinese "Skynet" and "Sensetime"? Been wondering for a while if US data mines Facebook/Instagram type posts to build facial recognition database? What about all of the police cam footage?

  2. its all part of the New world order & W.E.F. China act like there mad at each other and would even maybe go to war a bit but at the top elites its all in there plan to thin you all out. there in cahoots together. like the WWF or WWE wrestling federation they just put on a big show for you st*upid or naive or gullible people, while working together.

  3. The DNA collection is not to fight crime .They are planning on more bioweapons and money making pandemics. They are going to use the DNA data to pinpoint who gets infected and who gets vaccinated . It should be clear by now fighting crime is low on their list. Money making off a gullible, vulnerable public and warmongering are the priority.

  4. I think that we should all be massively concerned that the fbi, an organization whose primary function is to fabricate crimes and implicate innocent citizens so they can appear competent and continue receiving funding, is building a massive DNA database of all us citizens.

    the fbi should be labeled domestic terrorists for this – the only domestic violent extremists I see in this country are law enforcement and they are the DEFINITION of domestic violent extremists.

  5. Everyone forgets or ignores that the NSA was caught spying on average Americans.
    In the past, we wanted to trust the gov't to protect us from the fearsome Russians, then the terrorists.
    And the gov't of course took it too far.
    Now they don't have a good reason but think they know best, despite the mistakes and violations that will occur, besides bad actors and over-reach.

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