FBI Director Christopher Wray Shielded by House Democrats | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. The police are not at your door yet, Mr. Greennwald but you're living in a police-state and they know who and where you are!
    Note: To reduce overcrowding, the BOP has undertaken a large and complex prison construction program. Currently, 13 prisons costing an estimated $1.6 billion are under construction.
    There is over two million U.S. citizens incarcerated in Prisons today, most without trials!

  2. I can’t remember which political prisoner they had just taken in (maybe Paul Maniford) but I was so pissed one day I just called the fbi trying to give them a piece of my mind. I was on hold for close to 4 hours lol so many people had to of been calling. I hung up and called again, but this time I hit the number to report a biological terrorist attack. I was still on hold for close to an hour lol. When some poor sap finally answered I ripped into him for about 15 seconds before he replies with “tHaNk YoU sIR hAvE a NiCe DaY!!” and hung up. I could tell calls like mine were all he was getting for probably a day straight.

  3. Rep. Hank Johnson?? Isn't that the Representative from Georgia that sat in a Congressional hearing and actually asked military representatives if they were concerned about putting too much military equipment on the Island of Guam because too much weight on one end of it could cause the Island to tip over?? Yea, the video is actually on YouTube. Google it. How is this idiot still in our Congress after that?? Ah, never mind. Identity politics sort of explains it! lol

  4. This all smacks of Nazi Germany, as I have long thought since watching MSM reporting, from the Goebbels school of propaganda, on the Ukraine war where the truth has been ignored from the cause of this conflict, including the CIA provoked coup, to the utter nonsense about the actual course of the conflict. These are truly unprecedented dangerous times. This is an excellent analysis and warning. Thank you.

  5. The violence against law enforcement from the democrat's defund the police movement and the "mostly peaceful" riots was WAY worse than anything the FBI has experienced, and they're trying to put the deaths of over 400 officers in the line of duty on "MAGA" republicans?! 🤡🌎

  6. The "war on godless communism" has melded into the "war on drugs" has melded into the "war on terrorism" has reverted to the war on "godless communism) (oops! Russian Orthodox Christians) which have all melded into the "war on words."

    Interesting blurry, sodden path of destruction of the 1st Amendment.

  7. I think it's the saddest thing that a once great nation, a light for the world has become a sink hole of corruption and greed. Governments are now exercising kleptocracy – fleecing the people in order to accrue personal wealth; the enterprising spirit of much of the population is gone, bought out by social welfare; the state is expanding at an incredible rate … true to socialist principles of fleecing those who work to pay the idle not to work. Once the protector of other countries the USA now exploits the world and uses the petro-dollar to bully and bribe other nations into obedience.

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