FBI releases statement on ‘Twitter Files’

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley says the FBI response to the latest Twitter Files revelations shows ‘utter contempt for the American people’ on ‘Hannity.’
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  1. We know for a fact that the following messed with the 2020 elections. FBI, DOJ, BIDEN, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, ZUCK paying 400 million to harvest ballets. Election Boards CHANGING ELECTION LAWS THAT WERE ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Election employees stealing ballets, losing them ,finding them. Post office employees messing with the mail. Why does it take a computer systems so long to count votes. Why does the democratic congress and senate spend trillions of dollars in persecuting republicans. Our elections have been messed up since Bush vs. Gore.

  2. for sooooo many years,,,,, they have been destroying countries….killing soooo many innocent people ….robbing their rescorsies ….spreading hate and violence …. now their crimes are no more a secret ….The world now sees them for what they truly are …TERRORISTS.😈

  3. I noticed that the FBI admission of "recommendations" to the private sector,…
    — …FORGOT to include, that FBI "recommendations" were based on LIES,…
    — …and that the FBI also had a "tendency" to RAID those, who weren't in conformance with FBI "recommendations".

    FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, etc. should all be disbanded.
    — These organizations were created, to ALLOW, ENABLE, and COORDINATE high-level crime.
    — Criminals KNOW to gain control of the WATCHDOGS.
    — My recommendation: Instead of relying on SPIES to "protect" us (which they DON'T), develop an UNBEATABLE GAME PLAN, and let others spy all they want.

  4. The FBI thinks that 1A isn't applicable or well-conceived. They ignore it claiming that they're "protecting democracy" but the real reason they're driven to censor is because they KNOW that they are protecting lies and false narratives by silencing the truth. The way to fight lies is to counter them with truth and proof of truth. Silencing is NEVER acceptable. Only tyrants do that.

  5. FAUX would not cover the hearings, instead, they spewed nothing but misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and outright lies. If they had been honest and diligent in reporting on Trumps crimes. (Trump Org. Guilty 17 counts) I might take this seriously had they not decided to become FOX and Friends Entertainment. Honestly I'd like to see Biden taken down and thought these files would expose the Hunter laptop but now that they've dropped the laptop and going after the DOJ and FBI, oh wait, wasn't Trump prez and his AG and FBI director in charge all through 2020? The FBI has been monitoring social media since it's beginning and has made numerous requests to ban hate speech, propaganda and lies which are very dangerous. Just look at how many people died following the moronic COVID recommendations seen on social media. By the way, hate speech, propaganda, and lies are not covered under the 1st amendment.

  6. lol the FBI investigating themselves? 🤣

    EVERYTHING done by this administration needs reversed, and a new election held ASAP.

    Now the People have seen the true agenda of this administration, the collusion with the FBI to affect the election outcome as well as the corruption……hold a new, fair election. No campaigns, no debates, just vote. No mail ins, ID required, closely monitored counting.

  7. The FBI was created with the sole purpose of advancing the police state. The FBI should be dissolved and banned in order to have a truly free Society…. Prove me wrong.

    noun: police state; plural noun: police states
    A totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens' activities.

  8. It’s like if you walked down an alley and you saw a guy standing there. The guy pulls a gun out and points it at the ground (never at you) and says, “maybes yous wanna hand over a wallet, pal?”.
    You hand over your wallet.

    Now, technically the guy never pointed a weapon at you and didn’t demand you hand over anything- were you robbed??? Yes- of course you were still robbed.

    This is the SAME EXACT scenario.
    Operation 🔒 step- they told us it was going to happen, it happened, now they are trying to say it didn’t happen.

  9. Okay – missing the part where they lie, misrepresent, and threaten if only by virtue of the power of the organization to get the companies to kowtow to their wishes. Winks and nods; veiled threats. Hey twitter/facebook/instagram this laptop thing is fake. Because we want Biden to win.

Documents Reveal Secret Twitter Portal US Government Used to Censor

Documents Reveal Secret Twitter Portal US Government Used to Censor COVID Content

Clare Daly spitting fire

Clare Daly spitting fire