Fed Spends BILLIONS On ‘Counter-Disinformation Complex’ To SEIZE CONTROL Of Internet: Jacob Siegel

Batya Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave interview writer Jacob Siegel about his recent piece about the nature of disinformation and how political hoaxes have been crafted. #hoax #disinformation #misinformation

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Written by The Hill

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  1. I warned everyone in 2019 that if we didn't nominate Bernie Sanders the Democrats are going to go hard against the left- including censoring leftist dissent online- like it's their only job. Sure as the day is long, that's exactly what the Biden administration has done. It is naive and delusional to think that all the hysteria about "fake news" and "hate speech" is actually about some altruistic motive to keep people from saying mean things online. Or even "racist" or "harmful" things- not that it matters, because it's no longer a democracy when you censor free expression. It's crazy how liberals have screamed from the rooftops for censorship and more censorship of everything they don't like, calling it a way to "save our democracy." It's like none of them have ever picked up a history book in their lives.

    What is obvious as the hand in front of one's face is that the federal government, particularly under Democrat administrations (just look at Obama's imprisonment and torture of Assange and Manning), will stop at nothing to silence any and all leftist dissent. By "leftist" I particularly mean: anti-capitalist; anti-imperialist; anti-war; and even environmentalist dissent, along with anything else that advocates for a sweeping redistribution of power and wealth (like a universal healthcare system). Since 2015 when the "Russiagate" nonsense ate up the brains of the liberal class, that is exactly what they have done.

    But don't take it from me. As if the details haven't been out in the open all over the place in scores of media segments and articles before now (it has), you can at least get pretty caught up with this detailed interview. Great work, Hill!

  2. Batya makes a good point. Many people were NOT fooled by the Russiagate farce and in my opinion, that, the impeachment hearings, Maralago, Stormy Daniels and every other so called attempt to "take Trump down" are all planned psy ops to cement support and opposition to him so that when he wins in 24 (also planned) the globalist agenda can advance with all it's opposition corralled into the Trump delusion as he makes ambiguous comments against it and does nothing to stop it. This is why all of these so called scandals never amount to anything because the are not designed to amount to anything other than division and keeping the opposition to globalist agendas in check. They are playing chess and the rest of us are playing checkers.

  3. Leftists lack the wisdom to understand the constitution is just a piece of paper. It is powerless if society doesn't truly value it and believe in it. Leftist have taught society to not value the constitution. Soon it will be rewritten or become meaningless completely

  4. The Restrict Act is not Tic Tok Ban it is totalitarian control of all communication. When numerous sources discussed the fascism inherent in the bill what did the CIA/Pentagon do? They leaked recent briefings online and remarkably arrested those responsible. The journalist are clamoring for methods to prevent new leaks. All BS to get legislation to control speech.

  5. here's something "the hill" will not disclose, i bet jacob siegel will not disclose either, every fortune 500 company has a board member who is cia or fib. every one. every one.
    here's the CV of the ceo of anheuser-busch:

    Anheuser-Busch is led by US CEO Brendan Whitworth, a former Marine lieutenant, CIA officer, and Harvard Business School graduate, who joined A-B in 2014

    oh yeah, and ivy league school for bonus points. eight years with the company and already CEO. must have been planned that way.

  6. Gotta love our trustworthy government.. yet another alphabet agency of unelected loosers to tell us whats is right and wrong.. because your government would never lie to you.. other than on days ending in "y" .. know what other country has an agency for this.. communist china..

  7. Let's just go to the head of the Snake here, who have Trilliobs of dollars to push through anything they want and are behind everything bad and corrupted happening now or at least the last couple hundred years. The KH AZ AR I AN M AF I A! Afghanistan was about the Billion dollar Poppy trade and putting in an oil pipeline..

  8. I still remember thinking, after the big buildings came down in the big apple, and u.s. gov " intell" was assuring us they had intel boots on the ground in Afghanistan, I remember thinking " no they don't", because we have become soft and willingly brainwashed, and "all in" on digital reality. Our operatives would be spotted and outed immediately in a more tribal, more traditional culture.

  9. are you kidding me? When one group of people can say things others can not, it is absurd to claim that free speech does not exist. Here's the fallacy. Self deprecation can never be prohibited. Are you going to make it a crime to hate yourself? So, if one has the right of free speech to self deprecate, be it in comedic form or otherwise, then others, so too, have to right to use the same speech. This is nuts.

  10. McCarthyism was back in the 40s and 50s Not the 60s, and there was clear-cut evidence at many people who were investigated were communists, and still communist today, referred to as being socialist or Democratic socialist which merged with the Democratic party in the late 80's 90's

  11. Why they loved Afghanistan was ridiculous, the equipment there and the cash left on pallets was a payoff, by the by the ministration to certain powers 2 replicate the weaponry just more than more than pistols and rifles technology and intelligence reports and computers that were left the information, they didn't need to patrol the whole country to savane tane the airport, and secure relationships with people over there, complete debacle and waste,

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