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Federal Police CAUGHT ON CAMERA fabricating evidence

A former army doctor who won his case and a truck driver facing DECADES in jail share their legal battles after participating in the Freedom Convoy to Canberra.

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Rebel News:

Written by Avi Yemini

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  1. Sadly, we knew this was happening, and now weā€™re seeing the devastation caused by the AFP and government lies. My heart goes out to that family who have had to navigate the legal swamp at the same time as losing their Mum šŸ˜¢ Iā€™m so glad that older gent was able to hand the AFPā€™s ass back to them in court!! The AFP, in my opinion, are now totally unfit for purpose, they have shown them selves to be completely untrustworthy, and therefore irrelevant and voided themselves from their own communities.

  2. As a South African I love the USA 2A…"to defend against the tyranny of government." Australians voted for their government who then took away their rights to own firearms and thus can't defend themselves against tyrants, Andrew's comes to mind and then gave up many other freedoms in exchange for a nanny state. It seems as though the Australian government thinks the citizens are too gutless, stupid and incompetent to think and choose for themselves. Governments must fear their citizens or you will have tyranny!

  3. Withholding evidence
    or conveniently losing it
    is a common occurrence for Australian officials.
    For decades they have come out smelling like roses
    thanks to the powers of the mainstream media
    and an ever believing public.
    The 2020 fires were exactly the same,
    pivotal information was suddenly lost
    which would of proven without a shadow of a doubt,
    the gross mismanagement of both parks and wildlife and the rfs.
    But the multitude of lies
    that the Australian people were spoon fed during this time
    was both frustrating and disappointing,
    because no one questioned.
    Those that did
    were shut down quickly by an ever grateful public,
    who had no knowledge of what had actually happened
    but spouted their opinion in a mimic of what they were told.
    Sadly any government enquiry
    to any event is a farce,
    it is their way of covering up
    or only utilising evidence
    that paints the picture that they want.
    Deepest respects to Paul his family and the Army Doctor for standing up to the corrupted.

  4. Austrialia rejected the hate mongering of the evil lying Zionist Extremist Avi Yemeni when he tried to get elected into Parliament. He hardly got any votes & failed miserably.
    But they said YES to the devout Muslim woman, Fatima Payman & elected her as Australiaā€™s first Muslim Senator proving that Australians know the difference between right & wrong šŸŽ‰ā¤

  5. 1. Those Pol-sleeze officers should be sacked
    2. They should have to pay for all court costs (not the pol-sleeze department which means OUR money)
    3. They should pay for repairs to the motor vehicle
    4. They should have criminal convictions and criminal records against their names forever
    5. They should go to jail for 10 years
    6. They should publicly apologise to all concerned

    This is being kind to them!!

  6. And to any good coppers reading this ,please remain in the force and start gathering evidence if the corrupt ones.
    To the corrupt ones, you're out numbered by hundreds of thousands to one when it comes to citizens that are absolutely sick of this shit..
    Wake up to yourself..what are you seriously going to be shocked when you find yourself in a very messy situation if you're own making?

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