Feds CONVICT ‘Journalist’ For Jan 6 Presence | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss the nature of journalism as a man was charged for his actions on January 6th using the defense that he was there as a journalist.

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  1. The intent behind recording an event is not relevant since no one can judge intent. The moment someone shares the record of an even with the public it becomes "public record".
    It doesn't matter if a person has never "reported" anything before since no one has ever reported an event before the FIRST time they report one.
    Krystal should know better and it sounds like someone is pulling the "not a true journalist" card because of their arrogance.

  2. I also thinks its an excuse or post hoc justification but I hope the guy is treated well in sentencing, even if it was enough to convict him on due to his lack of previous experience and possible sympathies. the guy cooperated with law enforcement and didn't commit a crime outside of trespassing and appears to have done actual journalism after the fact even if just to build up his case. I would hope the FBI agents who he worked with would act as character witnesses.

  3. He wasn't charged with a felony, and I believe if he never entered he would have been fine. Imagine following a bank heist around and into the back vault. He likely had no bad intentions, but still should not have trespassed especially if he could have been seen as associating with others doing much worse.

  4. Thank you for keeping Krystal's reaction to this monologue. I was conpletely agreeing with saager until krystal said that this was hos 1st act of "journalism." Thats EXTREMELY relevant and important to the story and saager leaving that out is journalistic malpractice. I agree we need a TON of protectiojs for journalists but we also need to hold people accountable for their actions. If they can determine this guy was actually being a journalist that day then let him go. If not then hes just another rioter who should be charged

  5. Its not complicated.

    Journalism is a profession and the news business is an industry.

    If you are hired as staff reporter for an outlet or your bylines appear freelance in newspapers and magazines, you are officially a journalist.

    "An act of journalism" is odd verbiage.

    If a lay person with no medical degree and who doesnt work in the health care industry saves a persons life, no one considers that person a doctor because they performed an act of medical science.

    Even if a defendant chooses to serves his own lawyer in a trial, no one considers him a licensed attorney because he performed an act of legal defense.

    At the end of the day , Journalism is not a hobby or a recreational activity. Its a profession and line of work. Nothing more or less.

    Admittedly though i ve no skin in the game since Ive been retired from being a journalist for 6 years.

  6. This is an interesting case. On the one hand, yes it does seem pretty clear that the person was not an active participant and should not have been charged. On the other hand, does the freedoms apply to journalists allow trespassing or gaining unauthorized access to restricted areas? Are there clear and visibly posted rules regarding entry? If so, I could see the legal precedent of allowing this to go unpunished being problematic, whereas people with cameras trespassing into places like Area 51, accessing places that would be a journalists dream, whether rumored contents are true or false would be some amazing journalism.

  7. i dont think the discussion should really about whether or not this is journalism or not (it is for those who think like Krystal). the question should be, how much criminal activity can a journalist partake in while being immune to charges under the argument breaking said laws in the name of journalism? to my knowledge, being a journalist does not grant persons a license to break the law. that being said, i agree with Saager on the topic of whether or not they should even have brought charges in this case. but that is a very different discussion with whether or not they can.

  8. Saagar's point is significantly weakened by the fact that the man was found guilty of misdemeanors, not felonies. It might very well be the case that good journalism is done by people who are trespassing. If so, they should still be charged with trespassing. Is Saagar suggesting that "if he had beat somebody, if he had destroyed property," only THEN is it permissible to charge him with trespassing? It's a very strained argument. The government, as much as I distrust them, did not rule against journalism here. The most we could say is that they're treating certain kinds of journalism (e.g. following a crowd of rioters into the capitol building in order to document them) as an act of civil disobedience, and it is therefore up to the individual to decide if the cause is worth the punishment. If they were hitting him with felonies I would feel differently. But given that he's being hit with misdemeanors, I'm fine with it. I could be wrong of course, but at the moment I just don't see the problem here.

  9. Krystal cringe af on this response. Wtf would it matter if he never considered journalism until January 6th?! Let’s say I went to see what trump would say at that speech on jan6th, and along the way I realize how crazy this is getting so in that moment I feel a civil duty to record and report for everyone what is happening. I become a journalist in that moment, so barring any personal wrong doing beyond this brand new profession I’ve gotten into, I should be allowed the same rights as any other journalist.

    It’s like Krystal just needed to have something to say about him because the guy seems like he supports trump so apparently she is just situationally principled. So disappointing.

  10. The fact that you two claim Horn had no history doing acts of journalism suggests you were lazy and uncurious preparing this segment.

    He does have such a history, as his recent interview with Viva Frei shows. Maybe you shouldn't be so confident about something you clearly didn't look into very much.


    Repeat as necessary to drown out any inconvenient questions, such as "why would the "violent insurrectionists" forget to bring along their guns? Aren't these the same people who are gun nuts?"

  12. This video make Krystal look like an authoritarian. The term “journalist” has been so muddied and disrespected by the left, that it no longer means anything. People have the right to speak and the right to record and distribute events in our country. Something the current administration and Krystal have forgotten

  13. Never produced any journalism before; Consider the opposite extreme case – anyone with a camera is a "journalist" and uses this to utilize first amendment protections to act in a way not allowed for a "typical" citizen. It's definitely something to be concerned with but in this case it seems they made the correct call

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