Final Chapter in the Donbass front w/Dima from Military Summary Channel (Live)

Final Chapter in the Donbass front w/Dima from Military Summary Channel (Live)
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  1. Russia has conducted this war with extreme caution doing its best to avoid civilian casualties and limit destruction of infrastructure in the area unlike the U.S. which leveled Iraq and much of Afghanistan. Also the complete destruction of Libya with U.S. proxies. They tried to do the same in Syria but Russia and Hezbollah stopped them otherwise Assad would be dead and Syria would be another U.S. proxy in the area. The U.S. and NATO have depleted their stockpiles while Russia continues to pump out munitions 24/7. Russia has decimated all U.S. and NATO systems in Ukraine. If nothing else the West is seeing first hand how much more inferior their weapon systems and armaments are compared to Russia.

  2. Andrei "salvo equation professor" Martyanov, a red Army deserter, thinks that Dima is an ignorant, but Andrei also thinks that Dostoyevski was just a loony, that Solseniytsin was an "anti-russian", because there were no Camps/Lagers in bolshevik Tyranny, it's just a fiction by Solseniytsin-according to Andrei. He is just full of shit. Dima is wrong on some things, but he sounds sincere, never talk down on other People, and Andrei's main characteristic is talking-down on the others. I say, fuck Andrei and his Opinion. He calls everything Dima and others tried to explain simply "the Minutiae", probably because those "Minutiae" always proven Andrei wrong.

  3. Consult Judge Napolitano's segment with Scot Ritter called "'Ritter v. Rubio. We don't do dogfights anymore". Fighter jets are used as stand off weapons shooting off long range missiles. If the F-16s get too close Russian air defense will shoot them out of the sky. Who else other than South Korea can immediately provide ammo? NATO is now dipping into their active stores with replacements coming months and years later.

  4. Re: Russia attacking infrastructure
    I can't speak for the bridges, dams and other massive concrete infrastructure but it is 100% clear that Russia is not trying to completely destroy the Ukrainian grid.
    Ukraine uses Russian transmission standards – and that means they cannot use Western transformers. The West itself has multi-month to year plus replacement cycles; even transporting a 100 ton transformer is a multi-week affair. Destroying the large transformers vital to grid transmission is one means – these transformers are very large and immobile.
    Another method would be to directly attack the power generation plants. Again, whether it is the localized transformers and connectors from turbines to grid or the turbines themselves, Russia's capability to destroy generation is also not in question.
    It is quite clear that Russia has not attempted systemic destruction of either transformers or generation.

  5. Seems like the UK is setting itself up for the destruction of London & the rest of the UK by a Russian Super Weapon. The Final Nail into the Coffin of the Once Great British Empire! The Death of the Beloved Queen Elizabeth was the symbolic (or more) end of the British Royal Family! No remaining Members can take her place!

  6. The fact that the UK is giving the Ukrainians ammo with traces of radioactive material is not good at all. The South Western end Island of Sardinia off of Italy was [still is?] used for NATO testing and training. Some NATO member or possibly Isreal used this kind ammo and it has created a toxic site. Men who lived relively close to the site have died of cancers at young ages. Goats have been born with multiple heads and some with no hair. Some cows were born with no legs. The only reason why NATO would make such a move is to wreck the place so the Russians have a victory but the land is worthless. If Zelinsky knows this and is OK with it he is a monster. When the war is over some Ukrainians will want to return even if it is Russia. NATO caused the largest environmental catastrophe with the gas leak from the Nordstream pipeline and now they are going to wreck some of the most productive farm land with radio active ammo.

  7. talk about depleted uranium is nonsense. it is not used to destroy manpower but to penetrate armor. soldiers are not affected with diseases in short but rather civilians suffer in a long term, slow and painful foos chain pollution and increased cancer death. it is immoral to pollute ukraine with radioactive and toxic stuff considering they had chernobyl

  8. I like dimas work but there are a good few sources that I see & read in other peoples work that contradicts his. I think sometimes its a bit too fantastical, big leaps in assessment, very speculative. Even so I do appreciate his work, thanks for having him on

  9. you can see why the Chinese always considered the west as barbarians, they were about business while the west is all about dominance, for civilization to advance NATO has to be dissolved, if that will happen before the destruction of the world is debatable,

  10. The purpose of depleted uranium penetrators is that they work much better than tungsten at killing armored vehicles. A tungsten penetrator makes a hole and creates spalling that kills or injures the crew. The vehicle can then be repaired and returned to service. A URANIUM penetrator IGNITES the vehicle which destroys it. This is because the outer layer of the uranium peels off and ignites on impact. If Dima does not know this, I am skeptical of his expertise in other subjects.

  11. im from the Uk and have got to say I despise my country now and the west in general .Ukraine, covid, climate change and all this transgender shit, weve fucked it all up. I cant even bring myself to watch the national football team anymore,

  12. I disagree STRONGLY with the optimistic view Dmitry has towards Central Bank Digital Currencies. They can be a tool for even more totalitarian internal measures, governments can shut down digital bank accounts with ease, just look at what the Canadian gov did with the digital wallets of the trucker protestors. And to add to that, those currencies can be emited by banks in any amounts possible to fund all sorts of insane debt bubbles and UBI projects. It's going to in fact be a solution to the problem that the Federal Reserve and the Bank of International Settlements had for a century. They will no longer need to kick the can down the road – there will be no can, and they'll be able to strangle the totalitarian grasp just that bit firmer

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