Financial SLAVERY’?: RFK Jr Slams ‘FedNow’ Government Digital Banking System

Briahna Joy Gray and Inez Stepman react to CNN Jake Tapper’s comments on RFK Jr. Originally aired April 7, 2023; #Biden #2024

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Written by The Hill

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  1. He got the fednow service completely wrong. It is not a cbdc.

    There are two groups the updated fednow hurts, crypto and banks who love their overdraft fees. I would check if he has connections or backers in crypto.

    Kind of unbelievable he would make that claim so confidently. I can't take him seriously. He is a reflection of the anti intellectual phenomenon running through our society.

  2. Brianna made a lot of very good points in this segment. Both ladies was on point in this one. Brianna seems very easy to work with even when her cohost like Robbie is saying some really racist stuff. She tries to direct his thoughts in a direction that is more humane. She is seldom successful however. This new cohost seem to be an alright person although she is pretty long winded.

  3. You have got to be kidding me we all know that they are a new type of gene therapy which you even reported. Stop acting like you didn't. We have a 40% over normal death toll. The dam voting has been proven to be rigged anyway. I am done with the entire joke of this non democratic republic you fail to even get right.

  4. RFK Jr says he is not anti-vaxx at all, but is for safe vaccines which is not how they are portraying him here. I am surprised they haven't delved deeper into what he actually has said. This always drive me crazy when people say things based on what the media has said about him (or anyone) and not on what a person has said or done. He would have my vote.

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