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FOI Released Australia Documents Revealed!

Bad batches found in Australia’s TGA release?

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  1. I said back in 2020 when they were rushing the vaccines and coercing people into getting them that if I was psychopathic eugenicist oligarch, I wouldn't put the bad stuff in the first vaccine they rolled out. But I never thought of the angle that they would put the bad stuff in just some of the first vaccine batches. Supposedly the drug companies are not keeping any records or doing any studies of which people who got which vaccine. I believe that about as much as I believe in Santa Claus.

  2. I don't think it was fate I was working in gov research and found you in fall 2019 and ultimately your channel probably saved my life in the grand scheme of things. I can't begin to express my appreciation for you and the way you present data and information in the ways it should be.

  3. These Governments are absolutely DISGUSTING….they should ALL be held accountable. I used to live in Australia and fell in love with the Country….but the pandemic response was just plain NAZI…no other word will do and the authorities should all feel utterly ashamed of themselves….and New Zealand….that place is just THE worst! I feel sorry for the people under these criminally negligent governments.

  4. As an Australian, I knew soon after the vaccines came out that there was something fishy going on when the “powers that be” started spruiking their “vaccine hesitancy” narrative. This was when I was still fully intending to be vaxed to protect the family member I was the full time carer for. But I knew that if not for this specific motivation I would not be getting vaxed, and I realised that our leaders have no business demonising people that make a rational decision that the vax does not make sense in their own situation by calling them “vaccine hesitant”, as if that is a bad thing in all circumstances, as if loony Klaus Schwab’s cry of “ if even one person is unvaxed, then no-one is safe” has any rational basis. And ignoring these dangerous batches is yet another part of this “vax at all costs” insanity.

  5. One small correction, the Pfizer assigned shots weren’t December that was August. Remember our dates are written differently from yours. And this was just before the mandated vaccines in australia, like they were giving the good batches out first and leaving the bad batches for those who didn’t want to get vaccinated. Which was October/November 2021 coincidentally

  6. Hi Chris thanks for the show which I watched over on Rumble. You've helped me become more flexible when new information and evidence comes available. Firstly I wanted to ask if you have become familiar with the work of Dr Scoglio of Toronto University? Secondly, a great guest would be Karen Kingston. Thirdly, Mattias Desmet and Ghent University are considered with interest due to close links and funding from the Gates Foundation. Peter Breggin has written on this topic. We are facing enemy action and it only pays to mind that the enemy may try to place people in our ranks.

  7. It took 20 world class universities 20 years to map the human DNA code. They claim over 98% of our DNA is junk! Their ignorance is only exceeded by their arrogance! Now these geniuses think they are smart enough to edit our genes! Result? Mass genocide and plagues from their genocide sticks!

  8. There were 300 reports of stroke within 41 days of C19 inoculation

    50% of strokes occurred in the first 48 hours

    All 300 reports were classified as "serious"

    61 people died

    ** Are you a Nurse still injecting?

    Your Code states that you must stay abreast of all research and information.

    If you are, you need to go to jail. And stay there.

    AND those in the MEDICAL profession that are lacking the MORAL COURAGE to speak out because they want to "protect" their job / pensions are also COMPLICIT in the TYRANNY + of course are actually very SHORT-SIGHTED!!!

  9. Australia is the Poster Child of the Klaus Schwab WEF agenda.

    They needs to Leave Gods instructions alone! Satan wants to change people. That’s what’s called trans humanism people. Go look it up. Have you ever heard of the human 2.0? It’s all about the global elites plan for agenda 2030 to turn people into something different.

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