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FOI Request Confirms Australian Government Secretly Censored Australians

FOI request by @SenatorAntic shows the Australian Government worked in secret with foreign companies to censor Australians on social media. At least 4213 individual requests were made by The Department of Home Affairs to censor members of the public.

It is not clear what guidelines the government followed, and under what authority they carried out their campaign of censorship. I think its time we got the Australian #TwitterFiles @elonmusk

Written by Real Rukshan

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  1. Most western governments sold the people out to the super rich decades ago. The MSM,who are responsible for keeping rogue governments accountable, have also sold us out, its owned by the super rich. And the traitorous journalist puppets do it for there million dollar pay packets. Stefanovic, koch, langdon, hadley etc.

  2. I still can't get my head around why governments around the world, including Australian, who are paid by us the taxpayer and elected by us, think that they have more power than us? It's bizarre that we just continue to complain about them and then leave it at that. What is the point of voting anyway????

  3. Unfortunately it's too late, just exposing them will do little, the framework is in place, the agenda in full swing, the utterly dystopian digital dictatorship is coming. Most people have been successfully frightened to the point that they are incapable of rational thought, care not about corruption and high level criminal activities, they are unable to live in a healthy manner, they will happily accept the new world order and it's dystopian edicts. Our goodwill has been hijacked for centuries, our fear, apathy, compliance, and neglect weaponised against us.


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