Fox Anchor GOES OFF on fake news Geraldo Rivera! Leaves him SILENT!!!


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  1. why doesnt someone point out that the US contacted Russia to let them know Biden was going to Kiev and thhat they were expected to guarantee his safety and not attack. plus… nobody reacted to the air raid siren. if it was legit, wouldnt people have went running for cover? come on, use more common sense arguments rather than emotional BS.

  2. There is no such thing as bipartisan support. There are more than 2 parties. Also, it seems when politicians say bipartisan support, they wildly skewed statistics to describe that scenario. It is more like 5 and under members from 1 party and the majority from the other party. It should be somewhere like a supermajority (66%). The Republican party is becoming more fractured with Libertarians. Those that support foreign involvement and those that do not. The Ukraine conflict with Russia is not about Putin is bad. It is about Russian annexation of Ukraine is really bad for European energy and Russian monopoly. Ukraine has the largest unexplored oil reserves in Europe. Russia wants control of those fields. As for Geraldo, I got tired of his ridiculous points a long time ago. I wonder who's idea was it to turn on the air raid sirens? Was it Biden and team or Zelenskyy? I am betting it was Biden. I don't think Zelenskyy would scare his people for Biden stroll down the street on camera.

  3. Great meme of the day! I cant believe that some people are still believing that Ukraine is the victim here. It is a corrupt country that launders cash for the political "elite" and their cohorts. Minsk 2–read up on it people!
    The simple fact that people are suffering here in America (the border, drugs, inflation, crime, Veterans, Ohio, etc.) But we're sending billions to Ukraine, it's f'n crazy! We need Patriots in government, not the bunch of corrupt POSs we have!

  4. Obvious Laundering! The pandemic was an opportunity for big pharmaceutical companies and shipping companies to get richer, now it’s time for the weapons manufacturers. Biden’s presidency will be remembered for doing more for Ukraine than his own American citizens, some of whom actually voted for him. This is sickening.

  5. He is not and I repeat is not my commander in chief if I was in the service today I would go AWOL I would not serve under this administration their communist treasonous you know what
    Not my president he’s a puppet for Obama wake up America before it’s too late and send Geraldo to the old folks home because he makes no sense at all anymore

  6. Biden is no hero when every other leader visited a year ago. Hell sean penn visited a year ago. We know how much he loves corrupt leaders. Why is he going now and increasing tensions as you say making him a hero when a disaster is occuring in his own country. His DUTY geraldo is to his country. Amazing how those reporters didn't react at all to those sirens. Russia was informed he was there, there was NO WAY there'd be some form of attack. This was theatre… plain and simple.

  7. He's a hack, "Joe Biden's presence in Ukraine should not be criticized", it absolutely should; selling weapons to one side is one thing, there's plausible deniability cause what they do with the weapons isn't your concern, it's bad enough if you don't offer equal opportunity on the purchases if you want to remain neutral, but going to one of the nations currently embroiled in the war effort is undeniable. His speeches alone tell his side, there's no remaining neutral at this point and not showing some spine to Russia after talking smack multiple times makes him and by extension us, look weak. I don't want involvement anymore than anyone else, but we're already involved: between giving speeches berating Russia, the news and media do the same, selling weapons exclusively to Ukraine, and visiting it; we're already involved as far as Russia is concerned. Our priority and by extension the priority of anyone in office, ANY OFFICE; should be the American people. We have crises in our own home and our own problems to deal with, like Ohio as just one example, but a damn good one; we should be the priority, not the weapon.

  8. As a military spouse i like to say we are all struggling bad. They keep messing up our medical and i now have to pay out of pocket for my medications as all the civilian pharmacy no longer take tri-care due to it cost to much for the military now. We actually do pay for our insurance out of our paycheck. I now have to drive 3 hrs to the nearest military instalation to get my meds but its cheaper to pay out of pocket than gas. My husband is a recruiter and its not people want to join its meps. ( the medical check) that is disqualify people on stupid stuff. As they get bonus for everyone they say no to. I know that as fact from a friend who is in meps. Its bad really bad. Ive been a military spouse for 17 yrs and my husband who has been in nearly 21 has just put in his retirement. There are a hell of a lot leaving now and that is really bad🤷

  9. From fighter jets to food rations, war is big business in South Carolina. I am sure there are some mighty generous kickbacks ( errr I mean campaign contributions ) from the military industrial complex to Senator Graham.
    The show must go on at any cost to the US taxpayer. Sad indeed

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