France Descends Into Authoritarianism Following Protests | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. Thank you Glenn. Watching what is taking place in France really seems as if the government (Macron's) kind of set it all up. How many other European countries will follow? This is all about control…the Schwab type…not at all about humanity. The U.S., Britain, France, etc. are all completely out of touch with basic humanity.

  2. Of course that is what is happening and going to happen. That is what it is for. The only questions left are: 'when did it happen'? How about the WHO treaty or whatever, that they are trying to slide down our throats? What implications does that specter have for the reality of authoritarian big consumer app prison camp?

    The "free expression:" or whatever. The liberal democratic utopia is the trap. It is so the deep state and its investors can better control the population and know exactly when and how to spy or delete as the case may be. The hip billionaire tech gurus are props and clever marketing. That is why the boxing match between Musk and zuck, if it were to happen, would be such a cynical and evil circus IMO. I think the talk about it is more like a experiment, or a research/algo writing project in itself.

    I don't want to sound pessimistic, but as we can see today, the amazing heights of liberal democracy and freedom that was reached in the west during the 20th century was gee wiz golly swell. What developed in perfect parallel with the gee wiz golly empire of equal rights, freedom, democracy, bastion of human rights, you name it, if it sounds good then we did it. What developed not only in parallel but they are kind of one and the same. They are so integrated that they are inseparable in many ways.

    This is actually a very long and involved story. But in short what is perfectly linked with American exceptionalism and the empire of equal rights and democracy etc. is consumer media technology. This has another name, it's called population control. If you were to put an ad on the television that America is the land of the free and all those other places are evil places, this does a lot. the most significant thing that it does is signal, indicate or programs in the individual consumer and population that the opposite is unthinkable or unspeakable. Even though we had the freedom of George Carlin and others to speak openly, they were limited to being used for selling advertising and being somewhat censored. Of course people need to blow off some steam, but they can't have political representation or real opportunity that is beyond the status quo of superficial propaganda. The other states do bad things for bad reasons, the US does bad things for good reasons kind of doublethink.

    If you think about George Carlin, what characterized the time that he was on the scene? It was a deep state nightmare. Dead Kennedys. Dr. Strangelove, nuke hijinks, happy b-day Mr. President, va va voom. It was totally insane. I wasn't around yet, but it was obviously weird as hell.

    Over fifty years ago they were mastering the state narrative Hollywood movies, the population control movies. There are some post WWII Japanese movies that are pretty amazing in terms of overt population manipulation/control. But what is more important is soap operas. I mean knowing how to sell to the consumer directly. The TV and the morning paper were points of sale. Not literally, but basically. That is where the image, idea, dream, fantasy, narrative, the need, the problem, the end of the world, or the ticket to heaven, whatever it was was planted in the individual consumer. So the living room couch and kitchen chair were part of the point of sale.

    Every ad was a controlled experiment, every promo, every product. Now diseases and problems and disorders and fears are also products and controlled experiments. Problems can all be interrelated with products and services. They become manufactured niches of culture and consumer control. The sky is the limit in other words when it comes to digital consumer control. I'm not necessarily talking about dystopia, it is simply part of the modern world, but it can get pretty close to dystopia and is dangerously close to total dystopia when the deep state gets out of control. I don't worry about anybody being in total control of nukes. I don't think Biden could shoot a nuke if he wanted to. But the deep state and its main clients on Wall St. banks and funds/big tech, related funds of global industries, monopolies. They can take over to varying degrees. And they have. The game has become obfuscation and obscuration, misdirection and manipulation. All a means to an end, but when the end is met, it is also an end to a means.

  3. Meh…

    He was 17, driving without a license because he doesnt have one you can get one when youre 18, the police were already looming for him, he had been ghost riding eraticly to shake police. Hence the use of force when he wanted tomspeed off agaon, ghost riding.

  4. I smell US colour revolution influence here. Protest was justified but the timing,duration and armed character reeked. Macron has not been toeing the US line. The US Gov wants subordination of Europe just as much as ruin and looting of Russia.

  5. You ommited the slightly important point of the car thief could have kill the cop with the car. The stupid kid put the cop's life in mortal danger. Stupid thief.

    Fentanylfloyd was a home invading, funny money passing, no child support paying, absent junkie dad.
    They got millions in the end, lol best dad ever. Dead.

  6. Equation to install tyrannical rule = let in more immigrants than you should > leading to citizens having resentment > stoke the fires of that resentment > wait till somebody does something stupid against that immigrant community > riots happen > rights are taken away for everyone's safety. > govt doesn't give back those rights. Same ole pattern

  7. Hmmm it's almost as if these kinds of "protests" occur solely to justify increased authoritarianism. From BLM, ANTIFA, to January 6, to this hissy fit by new French dirt bags, I don't support this bs and I don't call them protests. Just like mass shootings, the fact that they never even get close to hurting any of the people that matter, I find that fact very interesting and suspicious. The government orders LE to let stuff get bad.

  8. Using the term "protests" here seems a bit ridiculous, I don't think legitimate protestors want to be associated with violent & dangerous rioters. The way to combat illegal/immoral action in countries like France is supposed to be rule of law and peaceful protest/demonstration, not vengeance and escalation of conflict. It is rather sad and pathetic France isn't immediately deporting all non-citizens that loot & pillage, while imprisoning citizens who do the same.

    People are welcome to be "outraged" about an injustice, but one of the primary goals rule of law is to prevent needless escalation of conflict, violence, and destruction. People who actively work against that system and try to bring everyone back to the stone age do not deserve your sympathy, they need to be appropriately punished as the law dictates. You can say all you want that it is "worrying how France is reverting to authoritarianism", but this response is predictable and obvious when what is practically an insurgency/revolt can be started on a whim using mass communication.

    It is not a good thing that mass communication can lead to catastrophic violence because of a single injustice in a country with millions of people. This is a problem which needs to be solved, and part of that solution is enforcing rule of law as it is meant to be. There wouldn't be mass violence for every "protest" if it resulted in a high probability of jail/deportation, but the peaceful protest and resolution of the issue could still occur.

  9. Toulouse 2012, Bataclan 2015, Charlie Hebdo 2015, Nice 2016, Strasbourg Christmas Market 2018, Lyon Shopping Mall 2019, Notre Dame 2019, Annecy 2023, Hervé Cornara, Samuel Paty, Lola Daviet, the list of atrocities against the French keeps growing, and still the French do nothing. But the "poor Muslim community" accuses them of disregard for life??

  10. Macron always plays the same 3 cards no matter the situation. Lie, acting like he´s on your side and authoritarian messures.
    Sometimes he switches their order, so it wouldn´t get boring, but that´s basicly all he does.

    And i realy don´t understand how a president with approval ratings between 10 – 20% with 4 waves of mass protests against his policies from different political sides, is still in power. Can´t imagine the yellow wests or lockdown opponents voting for him on mass.

  11. If social media was shut down, it’s not as if people would just sit at home and say, oh well, now we can’t organize this riot. All I know is that in the US, these policies would never be used against left wing causes. Only against the right. I don’t know what they’re doing already to thwart grassroots organizing online, but the lack of tea party type protests is telling.

  12. Those were not protests Glenn. They were looting and pure destruction from a class of sub-citizens who are linked to immigration and hate the whole idea of FRANCE.

    You can't understand right now. The majority are asking for hard stance on this, it's not the same as the patriot act… You need more to be able analyse this.

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