Freedom Convoy never reached ‘direst circumstances’: @The Democracy Fund | See our coverage and support our work!
In closing remarks at the Public Order Emergency Commission,@The Democracy Fund’s Alan Honner says the Freedom Convoy may have been a lot of things — but it never reached the direst circumstances that would have warranted invoking the Emergencies Act.

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  1. The regime had their nose's put out of joint by the people's protest.. if they were made of sterner stuff.. they could have accepted it for what it was and moved on.. but not these losers and karens.. they have no useful response
    they just double down on the same stupid rhetoric and thinking that caused the protests in the 1st place

Convoy never met proper definition of national emergency Canadian Constitution

Convoy never met ‘proper definition’ of national emergency: Canadian Constitution Foundation

CASA doesnt acknowledge vaccine risks to pilots

CASA doesn’t acknowledge vaccine risks to pilots