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FTX’s Misadventures in Australia

Bennett Tomlin describes the strangeness of FTx’s behavior in Australia including the OTC desk they purchased to maintain banking and other oddities.

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  1. Please make a video explaining why a deflationary currency is a bad idea for society. You already slightly adressed this in your last video. To this day I think this is the biggest flaw in cryptocurrency. It would destroy the economy in the long run. Cryptocurrency is built on a flawed model of economics and listening to cryptocurrency enthusiasts makes me cringe. I actually think Crypto is not a bad idea but their libertarian philosophy destroys everything good this industry could offer

  2. The crypto guys I listened to a few years ago seemed so knowledgeable and sincere. Now I'm seeing this channel lift lid and my jaw is on the floor. Why weren't financial regulators monitoring and closing this global network of ponzi schemes and corruption? I suppose the regulators were too old school and crypto was expanding too fast.

  3. Can we get anyone who calls themselves a Crypto King face off for the title…Highlander style maybe. HiveX vs Cryptozoo and on from there.
    Also would love to see an analysis of any other interesting names in the FTX potential creditor doc and how that may effect contagion or possible criminal activity (sanctions busting/money laundering) if known.

  4. I’ll be honest, even I had a hard time tracking with this one, and I consider myself to be very fluent in crypto nonsense. Let’s hope we get some young people in powerful regulatory positions soon, because these boomers we’ve got now have NO fucking clue what’s going on.

    Thanks for providing yet another video that puts the coverage of billion dollar media outlets to shame. I’m seriously amazed that they aren’t lining up to hire you considering that your reporting is better than theirs by an order of magnitude. You da best Bennett.

    P.S. I’d love to see you make more videos/podcasts with other crypto reporters who only write text articles. I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and read, but a lot of them sound incredibly interesting. If you made videos basically verbalizing those articles featuring their respective authors, I’d watch the hell out of them.

  5. Glad you chaps are throwing together these short sharp vids amongst the longer series now…have never missed an episode.. we run a tech biz that has been searching for true real world DLT applications… you would be shocked at some of the behind the door temptations we receive from senior execs within the web3 space on a regular basis… from Binance to ftx and many others…the delusion is everywhere… and the madness is keep up the good work… the world needs you more than you know.

  6. Highly intelligent people need to be treasured, not punished. SFF apologized and will live out the rest of his life with a guilty conscience. Putting him in jail with scummy poor riffraff solves nothing. He has a brilliant mind. Let him teach in a upscale private school for a year to make restitution.

  7. But wait! Sam said he didn’t know! And he is sorry guy’s…. We should cut Sam a break.. after watching some of his bits on coffeezilla, I realized Sam is suffering from parkensons disease.. he was shaking so bad, if feel for him..
    ok maybe not…
    but I did wonder, if Sam was humping on goggle’s AKA his X Caroline in the sun, wouldn’t his hair be at high risk of fire.
    If she was on top and sun was behind, that bees nest on his head wouldn’t stand a chance!
    I bet she sees people waving when she looks at a map..

  8. They used to advertise finder ALL THE TIME on radio here. Pity we missed our chance to feed him to the crocs. Would've only taken a day yacht trip up north for me to "have an accident". Failing that the deadly "blue bottle" jellyfish will kill you and they're in the water FOR MONTHS.

  9. Don't know what the campaign finance laws are in Australia but it would be interesting if FTX or Alameda funds found their way to some of the politicians and or regulators responsible for protecting the Australian people. So far Sam is getting a pass here in the US hanging out in his parents basement instead of sitting in the pokey.

  10. Mostly sounds like typical business. Whenever there's a media-led pitchfork mob going after something or someone , never go with it. You'll find the truth somewhere near the polar opposite of the narrative. I don't know if this phenomenon occurs due to incompetence or deliberate intention , but those who have the courage to stand up to your own fear of being wrong, I recommend re-evaluating the situation with FTX as a victim, mainstream media unforgivably soulless, and the average Joe eagerly sadistic in regard to misfortune of the rich.

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