FULL: Brendan Miller, Freedom Convoy lawyer, speaks to reporters at the Emergencies Act Inquiry


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  1. This Calgary based lawyer doesn't understand the bubble that Ottawa media lives in. He doesn't understand that the convoy was a worse catastrophe than 9/11 to these people NOT because of phantom honking, but because it exposed and embarrassed their lord savior. Convoy lawyers should not give these TruAnon cult of personality zombies one more second of their time because no matter what you tell them, the Ottawa press had long since made up it's mind about all of this.

  2. Love my Miller time however- he is getting too full of himself. Nothing will come of this Kangaroo Court so I guess the only thing he may be doing is to expose the farce it is and however MSM won’t report this. MSM will report how Miller is also one of the fringe with unacceptable views. I hope he Tightens up for tomorrow. You can’t whine tomorrow Miller. You need to just ask POINTED questions. Trudeau freezes when asked a pointed question. For example – slim minority govt, yes/no answers. Stop with this nonsense here!

  3. Do your job exactly that idiot in the grey plaid shirt should rather than constant interruptions should go out and do his job. Miller time did his job now it is yours media to do your job instead of it being handed to you on your lazy silver plate. Your investigators go out and investigate or can you no longer do it or have the ability to do your job.

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