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Further Provoking Russia, Biden Announces Ukrainian Troops Will Be Trained ON US SOIL

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. I take his point that the Europeans do not want WW-3, but at the time no country wanted WW-1, but it happened anyway. If you read Pat Buchanan’s book “Churchill, Hitler and the unnecessary war” you find that WW-2 was very likely avoidable, but largely because of a few war mongering politicians it happened anyway. Currently, we are led by dimwits like that short-lived UK PM Liz Truss, who expressed a willingness to use nukes, got the Black Sea and the Baltic confused, and passionately declared to Lavrov that Rostov on Don will NEVER be Russian. Biden regularly gets Ukrainians and Iranians confused, along with all his other gaffs. Zelensky spouts his prepared speech to congress and the performing seals there bark and clap their flippers in applause. These types of cretins will stumble us into WW-3 through a mixture of ignorance and incompetence, never mind the cheer-leading of rabid Russophobes like Victoria Nuland and Lindsay Graham who salivate at the prospect. Add to that the apathy, gas lighting, and ignorance of the public at large, and WW-3 looks very likely.

  2. patriots defensive missles systems are not a provacation of war. russia has many times targeted civilians in its war with Ukraine. it makes sense tht ukraine would want some defensive capability against rusian attacks. in fact patriot missle systems cannot under any circumstances be used as a provocation as their entire use dictates defense. you are passing on propaganda.

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