G20 summit breakdown w/ Jeffrey Sachs (Live)

G20 summit breakdown w/ Jeffrey Sachs (Live)
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Written by The Duran

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  1. The whole idea of having a body like the UN that rules the world is very dangerous. All of you folks don't like the EU because you don't like its decisions. You are quick to point out that the EU full of unelected officials.

    It is clear all of you believe that it is possible to have some ruling body, like the unelected UN, that will make the CORRECT decisions. Clearly Sacks believes everything would be great if he were in charge or those who were in charged did exactly what he advised. This is egotistical and dangerous nonsense.

    Absolute power does corrupt absolutely.

    A real multi-polar world where no one rules is the best approach. Sacks in particular would disagree with this idea. He absolutely believes he knows best. Sacks believes that if we all had only listened to him that we would have nirvana today.

  2. Indian diplomacy is terrible. Sachs is incorrect. India got exposed for being a agent of the West. The infrastructure plan India-Israel-Saudi Jordan-European is designed to undermine the Russia- Iran India and BRI. How is alienating its BRICS allies intelligent? America and Europe will only promise infrastructure and investment in India but will not deliver.

  3. Once again my distrust of "Professor" Sachs has grown..the history of biotech in Brazil is an absolute horror show.. experimenting on indigenous peoples and destroying the environment of Brazil.. sponsored by the CIA after sneaking the technology out of Germany after WW2 and giving fake IDs to notsee madmen..shame on him and anyone who looks the other way on this unfolding attack on humanity

  4. We reached a certain point where we not talk about the domination of a nation but where we talk aboute the existance of any nations in a physical sense. Not so much because of US escalation in Ukraine but because of how trade and technology develops at the moment. Nukes will not be the only dangerous thing threatening life on earth…there will be more things on the table the further we go on in time I believe. There will be so many table that humanity as a whole will have to decide between existance and non-existance or something terrible in between: slavery of a kind we do not fully understand yet. Positive outcomes are also possible I guess…but I am highly impressed and shocked about the investments in certain very dangerous technologies, even though we only talk about foundations at this point today.

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